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RVIE Post code error B4 Load VGA BIOS after new video card installed

Level 7
Hey everybody,

I just removed my SLI 1080tis (because one card burned out) and put my old 1080ti back in (which works)
But now when I turn her back on the live dash is displaying error code B4 with the message “Load VGA BIOS”

Not sure what to do next...

I’ve tried clearing CMOS, no luck.
I read to try switching from display port cable to hdmi, and will try this tonight.

I’m looking for any other ways to get around this issue.

Anything helps.
Many thanks. *

Silent Scone wrote:
Sounds like a bit of a red herring but glad it's working for you now.

that’s what I thought too. But error is reproducible with the SD card reader populated = no boot.*