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RVIE Post code error B4 Load VGA BIOS after new video card installed

Level 7
Hey everybody,

I just removed my SLI 1080tis (because one card burned out) and put my old 1080ti back in (which works)
But now when I turn her back on the live dash is displaying error code B4 with the message “Load VGA BIOS”

Not sure what to do next...

I’ve tried clearing CMOS, no luck.
I read to try switching from display port cable to hdmi, and will try this tonight.

I’m looking for any other ways to get around this issue.

Anything helps.
Many thanks. *

Level 7
Just some more info:
Optane 900P boot drive in PCie slot 3
7TB of ssds
and DIMM.2 has 2 nvme drives in it.*
**Evga 1080ti ftw3 elite in PCie slot 1*

4K screen.

When I hit power button the system turns on, starts post and then freezes up with the Code B4, Load VGA BIOS. Error

I did just let it sit last night for about 30 minutes and it made it to the bios. But haven’t been able to get that far since.


Level 7

Help me Raja! You are my only hope!

Tonight when I get home I will reset CMOS, try to reinstall Windows if it will let me, move the gpu and optane pcie drive around and see if any of that helps. *

Level 10
You don't need Windows or the Optane to get through Post. Make sure your power is good. Maybe split the sli and try the good side just for a minute without cooling.

Which slot was the bad 1080 in?

First slot. It started throwing artifacts and then wouldn’t boot with it activated.*

Figured it out by isolating the bad card using the pcie lane switches.

Then verified that 2nd card in slot 3 continues to work well.

Now switched to another computers card while my broken one gets mailed away for repair.

Perhaps I should try slot 3 again to see if it was the pcie slot or the card itself that went bad?

I’ll try it out here in about and hour when I get home.

Level 7

Level 7
Well I figured it out in the worst way possible. Sheer luck.*

Turns out Rampage VI Extreme doesn’t like to boot when an SD card is in the reader.

After I took the card out, she boots like a champ.

Now I’m running 4.5GHz with 67C max in games and 82C max on Prime95! Yay!

Level 10
Good to see it was something simple.

Level 7
Yeah thankfully it’s working now.*

Thanks G75rog for offering up some help. *I appreciate it.*

Super Moderator
Sounds like a bit of a red herring but glad it's working for you now.
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