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ROG Strix X299-XE Second M.2 Slot for Boot Performance?

Level 7
Hello Forum,
so my MB has two M.2 slots. One is between the PCI-Express slots and underneath a cover and the other one is directly next to the SATA Ports.
The one under the slot seemed to me to be the primary one and also suited better for installation cause safer and better to mount.
Now I want to upgrade my rig and get another 1TB M.2 in the other slot, which is badly designed, cause it points away fron the MB and therefore you would stick the M.2 drive in it like an USB stick and it would be hanging in mid air so to speak, if you know what I mean. There should be a mount-help with but god knows if I still have that or if it even exists.
My question is: Which one of the 2 slots is better for primary boot option?
I want to have my main C: drive in the faster slot. Or is there no difference what so ever?
Can I make an Raid 0 with the two slots?

Level 9
Your downloadable User Manual has those answers. Ebay might even have an SSD mount if you have lost yours.

I put mine in the 2 slot and populated DIMM card. Read that it was the best performance to leave .1 empty, but I haven't tested that to confirm.

Raid with these drives seems to not be worth the hassle, according to YouTube videos I've watched.