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ROG Strix X299-XE How to control CPU-Fan-Optional ? (MOS-Fan)

Level 7
As I was thinking to mount the optional MOS-fan I saw that the only possible connection for this fan is the CPU_Optional slot. (You need to extend the fan-cable to reach other fan-pins on the mobo)
As I cant find CPU_OPT in the Q-FAN Control Center how do I adjust this fan-speed cause it turns on very high 6000rpm and is noisy as hell!

Level 14
CPU-OPT and CPU fan headers don't have separate control, I would advise connecting it to another header if possible

Level 15
If you have individual control for your MOS fan. the best option is to get a fan extender. They are pretty cheap and some of those sleeved ones would make your build look good.