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ROG R6EE dimm.2 LED

Level 10
Hello, I recently installed and have been trying to figure out how to disable the red LED's in my ROG dimm.2 module, supplied with my Rampage 6 Extreme Encore motherboard. I figured with having a custom loop, using the dimm.2 module would be the best option adding in this storage drive.. but this LED that shows when a drive is installed is absolute garbage! I did a search on here and google and wasn't able to turn up much results, so if any one has insight on this matter it would be greatly appreciated as I can't see why they would have a static red LED that can't be disabled or changed colors when everything today is RGB. (why Asus WHyyyy) Thanks in advance!

Level 9
A couple of coats of black nail polish or paint.

G75rog wrote:
A couple of coats of black nail polish or paint.

lol I will use a thermal pad to cover it before I go that route. .. but I still don't see either to be a reasonable solution. Prior version/ had jumpers to disable/enable the LED, but this neither has them built into the module or on the motherboard. Even if the color isn't changeable, it should be an option to disable (whether being an option in software or using jumpers like in the past).

another bull**** part from Asus it seems, the fan extension is junk as well~

Level 10
well.. hopefully there is a fix but for the meantime I added a small strip of thermal pad to cover the LED. out of site out of mind lol.