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Re: Rampage VI Extreme Unable to Boot when XMP is on (G.Skill 4133)

Level 9
I bought a DDR4 4000 8gb x 4 G-Skill RGB kit off of new egg for $650 and was not able to get it to the rated speeds either. I was able to get 3800 out of it at 15-16-16-32-300 @ 1.45v though which is damn fast. You should just try to get it to the next best lower level possible like me. Asus needs to update their BIOS as well as far as compatibility goes for memory though IMO.

Level 7

Quozzo wrote:
Did G-Skill have a sale on or this just one huge coincidence?

hahaha coincidence indeed...:rolleyes:

BigJob wrote:
hahaha coincidence indeed...:rolleyes:

I'm able to boot into Windows with the memory set to 4000 and even 4200 it's just not hci stable. I can play games fine etc.. I had to bin one of the modules to another slot to get past some issues but it does work per say.