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Rampage vi extreme ram question

Level 12
I'm considering swapping my corsair kit to a gskill 3800 kit that is supported for this mobo. I have yet to see anyone get over 3600 frequency on this mobo, regardless if the vendor list supports it. My current kit is 4000mhz, but I can only push to 3600 with tighter timings. I have a 7980xe. If anyone has had success getting 3800-4000mhz from their system, can you please list system agent voltage, dram voltage. Do you enable training on all slots ect. I increased current for dram to 140%. I realize it doesn't make a dramatic difference in performance. But I'm trying to improve my ability to adjust my system and feel this would be good to know. Any thoughts I'm open to.

Level 12
Unless it is something specific to the Extreme, I am running an Apex version and have the RAM clocked at 4000 CL14 using manual timings. If you are using XMP, maybe try using manual mode instead (if you haven't already). Mine will work with XMP, but the system performs better with manual timings and voltage. Using XMP or manual settings, you may need to increase the voltage a little bit. Try 1.360V to 1.400V.

I am not using a bunch of other manual settings for the CPU. The voltage settings for everything except the memory are left on auto.

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Thanks, to be honest I'm not bad with experimenting in manual. I have secondary and primary fine tuned passing 1000% on memtestpro. But running at 3600. I'm just trying to figure out how to hit 3800 if possible. I have tried 1.4 max on the dram voltage, 1.125 on system agent. Cpu is fine tuned already, but tried upping the voltage all the way to 1.2 (I can maintain my 4.6 at 1.16 volts.) I've loosened timings as far as 23 27 27 49, still no dice

Also uncore at +.350 offset

Level 12
Running same cpu and mobo but GSkill 3600 used the Oc settings in bios for 4000 Oc ( there is a setting for it) on memory and that worked ok but not had any luck getting it higher on manual settings.
Could be worth checking what it changes to get the 4000 and then entering settings manually for 3800?
Have my 3600 at 15-15-15-34 @ 1.36volt, vccio 1.215v says agent 1.175v