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Rampage vi extreme on 10980xe

Level 8

Hello All,


I have a Rampage VI extreme (8+4 EPS 12V), running a 10980xe. This is my rig:

1) EVGA 1600w SuperNova T2

2) 10980xe  - 4.8 GHz all cores sync, 1.310v manual, 2.4 GHz cache, AVX/AVX-512 offset set to 0.

3) CORSAIR Dominator 3000 MHz DDR4 64 GB( It is present in the memory QVL list)

4) RTX 3090 + RTX 2060

5) 2x seagate 7200 RPM drives

6) 2x1000GB Sandisk SSD in RAID 0

7) Thermaltake 480mm radiator with Thermaltake CPU COOLER block.

😎Actively cooled VRM block with Hi speed fan.

9) 4x 120mm Noctua 3000 rpm fans + 1x 140mm Noctua 3000 rpm fan.


From Mar 2019 to August 2023 I used a delidded 7900x with the rampage vi extreme and all was fine. I have now upgraded to a 10980xe(not delidded) and the machine now pulls about 850w at the power socket(IDLE is 200w).  The system somehow just switches off while doing an IBT or when doing some work in Idle, when cache frequency is set to 3.0 GHz or above. I tried 2 10980xe CPUs, the same results are observed. The PSU is fine, because when it does switch off the LEDs on the board remain lit.

Is it possible that the Rampage VI extreme cannot support 10980xe at the frequencies I am expecting. Is 850w too much of a power draw?






Level 11

I had something similar to You when i set my cache voltege too high, even tho it was still safe. Now i'm running 3GHz at 1,019V max and no problems at all.

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