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Rampage VI Extreme Omega USB drive issue when upgrading to Win 2004

Level 10
I tried upgrading to Windows 10 version 2004 a few months after it came out and I promptly had to roll it back to 1909 because of an issue with one of the listed USB drives. There are 4 extra USB drives listed in Disk Management and I don't know what they are being used for. I'd already disabled the RYUO USB entry before the update, which was listed as #8, so it's no longer is displayed in Disk Management. Specifically, when I got the update installed, Windows complained of a problem with USB drive #7 (removable H) and it kept on nagging about it in the notification panel that it needed to be repaired. I got fed up and rolled things back. Couple of questions. Is this error a USB driver issue, how do I find out what these 4 USB drives are being used for and should I try to update to 2004 again since Microsoft was having issues with USB drivers when they first released 2004 and may have solved it by now? I'd like to get things squared away before MS releases the next version soon.

Level 7
Method 1. Force Windows to Download again the Windows 10 Update v2004.
Method 2. Manually Upgrade Windows 10 to version 2004.
Method 3. FIX Windows corruption errors with DISM & SFC tools.
Method 4. Install Windows 10 v2004 Update with an IN-Place Upgrade.
General troubleshooting guide for Windows 10 updates.