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Rampage VI Extreme OMEGA Storage Options

Level 10
Hello all I recently builded a new PC and I had some questions regards the Storage options.

I currently have a 280GB Intel 900p in the U.2 Slot as boot drive and one 2TB Samsung 970 plus in the M.2_1 on the motherboard, Since this board have one more M.2 on the board named M.2_2 and two on the Dimm.2 slot I was wondering if you can use all 4 and the U.2 at same time from what I think I have understand is that the Dimm.2 M.2_1 and M.2_2 shares the M.2_1 and M.2_2 on the Motherboard what would this mean ? if i use all 4 at same time ?

I also read that U.2 Shares the Bandwidth with M.2_2 so what would also this mean ? does it mean that I cant populate M.2_2 slots on the Board and Dimm.2 if i use U.2 and what would happen if i use M.2_1 on the board and the Dimm.2 slot since apparently the DImm.2 shares all the slots from the M.2s on the board.