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Rampage VI Extreme Encore XMP Ram Profiles

Level 7
So i am curious, is anyone using high frequency ram like 4000 or 4266 on there Encore motherboard that is not on the QVL list? I have tried 3 different sets of DDR4 memory. 2 Sets of 4000MHz and a set of 4266MHz Corsair and Gskill TridentZ and when they are set to XMP in the bios they all show the correct timings and voltages are set but the pc just wont boot at all. These are not on the QVL list but they all worked fine on the Rampage VI Extreme Omega if i set them at 4100MHz and they were not on that QVL list either. I could get all sets to work on the Encore board but only if i set them at 3400MHz or below. I'm using a 7980XE cpu on the board. I did end up finding a set of this ram Model F4-3866C18Q-32GTZR which is on the QVL list so i'm gonna try it when it gets here and see if that works. If not it seems to me there is an issue with my board.

i say you , you simple lucky , RTL IOL is bugged , i explain why . Its even imposible dissable it ( think like mem ok always enabled even if dissable ) forced for some dimms what mb known and not test anyting other. Maybe you hv that dimms for what it was forced by drink developer.

But you 1% and i dont know how you test you mem and how long , i was test my 24 hours + at basse and at xmp manual puted .

xmp no need choise, even if it work 100%. I there bug its overwrite some unknown settings! 40kb + of binnary "text") if you apply it make reflash uefi.

now i find stable. I testing it .

How i say for be 100% know its stable need run prime ( memory and controler test ) for 24 + hours then rune belnd . do test need a fixed 100% stable cpu freq. and mesh/cache ratio.

+ i can 100% say training is incorect ! why its imposible to force its go from bug ! board not try make good training for used memory , its try do good training for debug line !

Unpack uefi and BIOS module and use serch , and you find all...

try at another bios enable xmp and see after this last modify , there be no questions.

Level 11
I use HCI and GSAT. I start for GSAT 2 hours and then I pass 1000% HCI, which is a good base to have a stable system. Prime95 is easier to pass, cpu even runs cooler (tried 2 hours). Then I reboot along the days and pass GSAT 2 hours to confirm after every reboot the system keeps stability, and it keeps it in my case.

Before I bought this Omega, I had a pair of Gigabytes x299, the Gaming 9 and the Gaming 7 Pro with better VRM's. Both had some weird RTL's and IOL's autotuning too, but u could try to force them not like in Omega. I say u could try since the board autotuned when the forced ones weren't liked. Under x299 Samsung B-Die's are the right choice to help overclocking, not your case with Hynix.

Furthermore u have to manual setup the most of your memory timings which are far from best configured. Some of the timings u show in your pics are not proportional. I would also start with 3600MHz frequency which is usually accepted for the most of cpu IMC's and is a fast one when paired with low clocks. CL16 (or even lower) should be possible even under Hynix. Wait some manual timing advise at OC.NET if u need them.
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I now make correct timings long time ago , problem not at timings .

Ok say me what is do DRAM IO Comp? its work like offset iol of use algo IOL + IOL offset + CL*2 +2

But why i at latest run test was hv stable 28! hours before try cold boot and now i hv errors at setting what was stable , what ****ing ass hand coder variable make my system usnatble ? Where i can find what do this unknown setings ? Some trash write some where so only reflash or cmos clear help.

Omega and encore unstable bugged trash and be always asus no fix bugs , its sell alpha trash as is and close tikets , go to another threads and read about freez clokck etc , its fixed ? no asus at support say's we cannot help, you buy our trash you idiot eat **** and be happy its your choise dear **** eater and close tikets.

all uefi updates is simple ad ME and new microcodes as is , and use UEFI from random github repo . Asus is dead its long time ago not hight and hardware company. Even at overclokers net when i ask about asus setting , people say me do not ask about this trash no who not help , and recomend put to trash my board and forgot about asus production forever and buy normal board with support and with no stuped bug's from 2009

Level 11
I, like u, suffered some problems with certain frequencies and timings, for example 4000 cl16 with 59-61-59-61 while 59-61-59-59 are rock solid. That's why I insist u have to find your frequency timings voltage match. For example your rw's should be around 15. I can lower them but i have 32gb and a very good bdie kit for overclocking.

Asus is not doing right but neither does Intel which developed buggy microcodes like mc49, unusable with avx512 loads.

I tried Gigabyte and autotraining is not the best. So what brand next??? Evga??? Have a mate here with the dark and memory configuration is as difficult as in Asus boards...
Asus x670e Hero, 7950x, TG 7000, Master 4090, 970 PRO, 860 EVO, Intel 750,
SN850, SN750, 840 Pro, 2xSkyhawk 4TB, Pioneer S12U
EVGA T2 1600, Silverstone TJ11, Custom LC, Acer Predator x35, Philips OLED


This was stable 28 hours , its all correct. Now its unstable with no reason.

So what go wrong after reboot , there is noting not changed at visible RTL IOL block

I find your post's at any forums where you write about how good is asus omega , when all say's it's hv incorect training , its training not only RTL IOL , there some other stuff exist and unknow what it and where put + 100500 setting what hiden at uefi but if make dump of this bios you see many settings what hv manual/auto or choising menu. But they is no avaliable for some reason . Maybe some of that setting is not at auto and there pulled some debug trash .

I try with other memory to , i was think maybe my memory is dead i memory controller i install all again at delux and test , then again at omega.

Say me where is magic setting what make correct work all , and make gone this mistic unstable when all work 4 hours then stable gone and always give errors , or 28 hours! stable then reboot , all visible training the same but errors at all test . Its locks like some stuped time bomb , maybe some funny dev's add it for all hv fun.

Yes intel make some times bug's but they fix , about asus they can fix or never fix.

Remember clock frezz bug , its to was one line code at uefi , its was fixed ? People after many years stil wait and hope 🙂
How make it work if notting not make work it even with QVL memory , after freq 2400 somting hapening .

If you know solution make guid about all setting , forumales and recomend what dissable , or not keep auto and formulas for that stuff.

about Rw's i hv at deffault stable at RWDS DR DD 5 5 5 and RWSR 4 ( 2400 )i put them even more +1 than need at 3000. for fix 6 6 6 7 / 6 7 6 7 etc. But at deffault settings its no mater.

Level 11
I don't have the CocaCola formula for your rig. U read my posts??? U have to test yourself in your rig several combinations of frequency-timings-voltage overclock trying to get stability.

I right now can say some of your timings are not proportional, so u can go to OC.NET and enter the memory stability thread to see pics of other mates' memory overclocks, so that u can copy and test them in your rig.

I am not an Asus Fanboy, I said not long ago here and at OC.NET RTLs and IOLs autotuning is quite odd in this board, so is the unability to force RTLs and IOLs. But after testing thorougly the board, I am in the position to say that if u find the right match for your components, u will be able to stabilize them.

Try to calm down, it is not worth it!!!

Asus x670e Hero, 7950x, TG 7000, Master 4090, 970 PRO, 860 EVO, Intel 750,
SN850, SN750, 840 Pro, 2xSkyhawk 4TB, Pioneer S12U
EVGA T2 1600, Silverstone TJ11, Custom LC, Acer Predator x35, Philips OLED

So i ended up getting some of this ram Gskill TridentZ RGB F4-3866C18Q-32GTZR which is on the QVL list for this Encore motherboard and can't get it to boot with it either unless i set it at 3200 or 3400MHz, i'll give a little time to see if they come up with some bios fixes for this board but as of right now its a big failure as far as i'm concerned with any high frequency ram. I don't know maybe things will work better with a 10xxx series cpu but until i get one i won't know.

Level 7
Don’t forget to raise uncore voltage to around +400 for 4000MHz

Maybe xmp breaks something... I don’t know, I always use manual settings, forget xmp. Encore even boots 4400Mhz no problem on 9980XE. *I guess Omega is not much different. I have 4800 CL18 modules run at 3600 CL13 daily and 4000 CL12 for benching. Board is no problem. Io and rtl auto no problem. With initial they got approximately -1 tighter. Also on early Apex Board on this platform rtl manual tuning was never possible.

EVGA Dark has worse latency *according to Aida64

OK so after trying several set of ram from the QVL list and not getting any of them to work with the stated XMP profile i went a different route. the gskill ram on the asus qvl list was not on the gskill qvl list for this board, and vise versa none of the gskill ram on there qvl list for the encore is on the asus qvl list. I decide to get some of the 3733MHz ram with the 17-17-17-37 timings from the gskill website that has the encore on the qvl list, and sure as heck it booted the first time from the xmp profile. So for others with xmp issues, i would suggest trying ram from the memory manufacturer qvl list that has the encore on the list. But like i said all kits i tried from the asus qvl list for the encore cause boot failures or having to run way below the rated speeds to boot, the first kit i got from the memory manufacturer that has the encore board on the qvl list booted first time on XMP at 3733MHz. In fact there is no 3733MHz ram on the asus QVL list from any manufacturer but Gskill has several different 3733MHz kits on there QVL list for the encore board.