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Rampage VI Extreme Encore RAID Setup Help

Level 7
Hey All,

So I built a new system around the Rampage VI Extreme Encore and need some help getting my drives set up in the ideal configuration. I've got 4 matching 2TB NVME drives installed in the four M.2 slots (2 onboard, 2 on DIMM.2). I'm installing Linux directly on the system and may run Windows in a VM for those applications. Ideally, I would install the swap and root partitions on a single drive, and set the other 3 up as a single volume for /home. Happy to use RAID or anything else to create the single volume.

So far I've:

  • Updated the BIOS.
  • Set CPU PCIE Mode to Mode 2 (x16, x16, x4) to turn on DIMM.2_2 slot.
  • Set M.2_2 & PCIEX4_1 source selection to M.2_2.
  • Set SATA Mode Selection to Intel RST.
  • Set M.2_1 PCIE Storage Raid Support to OFF (boot/swap drive).
  • Set M.2_2 PCIE Storage Raid Support to ON (hope to be part of 3 drive array with DIMM.2 drives).

Currently I can only see the one M.2_2 drive in the Intel RST setup section in BIOS. Neither of the DIMM.2 drives appear there. Any suggestions how to accomplish this? I believe it should be possible.

Relevant Hardware:

  • Rampave VI Extreme Encore
  • i9 10920x
  • 4x 2TB 970 Evo Plus
  • 1000w PSU

Thanks for any help.

Level 13
I dont own this board but prettu much guranatee you wont get 4 in raid zero without a hyperX16 PCIE card which will take up one of yout X16 slots and 16 CPU lanes.
Onboard is PCH only which will choke you back to the DMI bus of 4 lanes for everything USB, LAN, SATA drives....everything else lives on those 4 lanes so stay away form those.
Just looked through manual and the only chance you have has not changed its 4 Intel only blocks in VROC raid on a hyperX16 card. You can put other brands on the Hperyx 16 but it will be software only raid and you wont be able to boot from it.