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Rampage VI Extreme Encore fan speed issue

Level 7
Greetings -
I just did a new build with a Ramage VI Extreme Encore and Be Quiet 802 with Be Quiet Pure Loop.

Problems with getting any control over fan speed. Updated the MOB BIOS to 1004. No matter what I try (PVM/Auto) I cannot get the fan speed slowed down, despite the CPU temp being 32 degrees. When I run fan tuning in Fan Expert 4 pegs the fan speed at the same number from 0-100%. Try tuning from the MOB and same issue. Played with what I thought were obvious settings in BIOS, but nothing will get the fans to vary their speed.

Fans with the cooler are 4 pin PVM, and case fans run through the Quiet Base fan controller with PVM out. Odd thing is fan speed is reported correctly in the BIOS (you can change the case fan speed from a switch, and the BIOS sees the speed change.)

Welcome and ideas or thoughts, little success no matter what I try.



I guess I'm the only one who found the problem. The CPU fan is located in the center of the board and when connected, the wire runs next to the VRM inductor. Because of this, the system does not work properly. Move the fan wire away from the VRM.

I also had a problem with the fan adjustment on my computer. With the computer turned on, I accidentally started wiggling the wire, and when the wire touched the VRM, the fans went crazy and turned at maximum speed when I moved the wire away from the VRM. The speed returned to normal according to the AI SUITE settings.