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Rampage VI Apex (LGA2066, Intel X299) - info, experience, BIOSes etc.

Level 13
Intel public HEDT CPus with platfrom Intel X299 at Computex 2017. The CPU reviews are still under embargo for short time ,-). But some informations are officially out and OK with Intels NDA.

Intel X299 is really highend chipset for enthusiast CPUs. This year very powerfull, much more than anyone hoped. Because this year is AMD also very strong at CPU side (Announced not only 8 cores with SMT, but also up to 16C with SMT for AMD X399), Intel will launch step by step 6C/12T, 8C/16T, 10C/20T....Everything?:) Nooo, continue it with 12C/24T, 14C/28T, 16C/32T and new flagship 18C/36T !!!

New LGA2066 will be new one after 2011v3...Great value is, you can put in two generation CPUs. More info bellow.
1) Kabylake-X with new CPUs Core i5 X a Core i7 X. Those CPUs are KabyLake-X. Its basically Kabylake with more capacitors and bigger heatspreader. This could help with higher overclocking than classic Kabylakes. Kabylake-X have support only for dualchannel mode (up to 2666 MHz 1.2V). After XMP mode or manualy tweaking you can except everything between 3600 MHz to 4400 MHz at DRAM effective frequency.
2)Skylake-X, are HEDT processors Core i7 X and new Core i9 X. Starting as 6C/12T and up to crazy 18C/36T
There is support for Quadchannel memory. Based at first results on web, the memory clock we can expect overclocking of RAM around 3200 to 3800 MHz. All depends on type of memory chips, quality of IMC particular piece of CPU.

APEX series replaced Extreme series in extreme overclocking segment (yes, all fans of DICE, LN2 and LHe are focus directly at this board). This board broked many WRs after first day 🙂 There is exmaple with informations about records from 31.5.2017

Now the board mainly.

Motherboard has nice X-design, what means "eXtreme" and looking it more geeks 🙂 "get out of line". You can see white "X" at PCB also.

In the right upper corner is OC zone with many switchs and buttons. I do not write more about all buttons and functions. You can ask us in discussion.

I like this corner with SATAs in acute angle.

Description of the board.

How to use multi GPU setup (SLI/CF)

-it depends also at CPU, two CPUs have 16 lines, some 28 and few CPUs full of 48 PCIe 3.0 lines

Better DIMM2 slot (for two M.2), "older" version has Maximus IX Apex

So, lets to do serious overclocking guys 🙂 Im looking forward at next results.
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webwilli wrote:
It seems to be the ErP Ready Mode.

elmor explained it here

ErP Ready disabled and it works 😮

Grats on getting it to work. I have no idea what ErP is ? 🙂
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ErP Ready is an option in the APM Menu

ErP/EuP (Energy Using Product) is a function to save power when the computer is in standby mode. This is a regulation so the total power of the system won't exceed 1.0W
You need a ErP ready power supply and motherboard to have a ErP/EuP system.

Skunkfoo wrote:
I realize they are upside down. I have no idea why my pictures get uploaded upside down. Somethings the are even turned 90 or 270 degrees. However, I assure you that when you look at the pictures on my phone or on a desktop they are in fact in the correct orientation. With that being said, is there anything I can do to correct the picture orientation on the forum? I noticed a few other people have the same issue on other posts/threads.

Just blindly creating upside down images and hoping the forum shows them correctly would not help since the change in orientation is not consistent (i.e. sometimes upside down, turned to the left, to the right, etc.)

I think you are pulling our legs and taking the images hanging on an inversion and therefore entering numbers inversely as well and this is what’s causing problems!*

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Level 9
Anyone know the function/effect of CPU AUX1 and CPU AUX2 voltages (Apex, bios 0802)?

edit, nvm - found it. 😉

Level 13
UEFI 1003 for the R6A - patches the ITBM device not found error.

thank you Raja@ASUS :cool:

Level 13
Rampage VI Apex UEFI build 1004 - patches an issue with the EZ Raid Wizard and a menu navigation issue with the escape key.