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Rampage VI Apex (LGA2066, Intel X299) - info, experience, BIOSes etc.

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Intel public HEDT CPus with platfrom Intel X299 at Computex 2017. The CPU reviews are still under embargo for short time ,-). But some informations are officially out and OK with Intels NDA.

Intel X299 is really highend chipset for enthusiast CPUs. This year very powerfull, much more than anyone hoped. Because this year is AMD also very strong at CPU side (Announced not only 8 cores with SMT, but also up to 16C with SMT for AMD X399), Intel will launch step by step 6C/12T, 8C/16T, 10C/20T....Everything?:) Nooo, continue it with 12C/24T, 14C/28T, 16C/32T and new flagship 18C/36T !!!

New LGA2066 will be new one after 2011v3...Great value is, you can put in two generation CPUs. More info bellow.
1) Kabylake-X with new CPUs Core i5 X a Core i7 X. Those CPUs are KabyLake-X. Its basically Kabylake with more capacitors and bigger heatspreader. This could help with higher overclocking than classic Kabylakes. Kabylake-X have support only for dualchannel mode (up to 2666 MHz 1.2V). After XMP mode or manualy tweaking you can except everything between 3600 MHz to 4400 MHz at DRAM effective frequency.
2)Skylake-X, are HEDT processors Core i7 X and new Core i9 X. Starting as 6C/12T and up to crazy 18C/36T
There is support for Quadchannel memory. Based at first results on web, the memory clock we can expect overclocking of RAM around 3200 to 3800 MHz. All depends on type of memory chips, quality of IMC particular piece of CPU.

APEX series replaced Extreme series in extreme overclocking segment (yes, all fans of DICE, LN2 and LHe are focus directly at this board). This board broked many WRs after first day 🙂 There is exmaple with informations about records from 31.5.2017

Now the board mainly.

Motherboard has nice X-design, what means "eXtreme" and looking it more geeks 🙂 "get out of line". You can see white "X" at PCB also.

In the right upper corner is OC zone with many switchs and buttons. I do not write more about all buttons and functions. You can ask us in discussion.

I like this corner with SATAs in acute angle.

Description of the board.

How to use multi GPU setup (SLI/CF)

-it depends also at CPU, two CPUs have 16 lines, some 28 and few CPUs full of 48 PCIe 3.0 lines

Better DIMM2 slot (for two M.2), "older" version has Maximus IX Apex

So, lets to do serious overclocking guys 🙂 Im looking forward at next results.
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Hopper64 wrote:
A question along the same line: is the dimm.2 wired directly to the CPU?

I don't remember the information source, but according to my impression, there are two dimm.2 slots, one directly connects with CPU but another connect with PCH.

sunseraphic wrote:
I don't remember the information source, but according to my impression, there are two dimm.2 slots, one directly connects with CPU but another connect with PCH.

Thanks. Seems like I saw only one dimm.2 slot on the R6E. *
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Asus needs to be more transparant with release information.. Pre-orders have been up for a few days now, and these motherboards are nowhere to be seen. At least let us know if we are talking July, August or even later so we have easier time to decide whether to go with something else or wait for the Rampage VI Apex or Extreme...

And I have a hard time figuring out these prices, how come Strix X299-E Gaming is 350 USD, while Prime X299-Deluxe is 499 USD? What exactly are you paying extra for? The specifications looks identical besides a few extra USB-ports ran out the awful ASMedia Third-Party controller that is inferior to embedded/integrated Intel controller anyways. The price different is huge, but there is nothing obvious about the two motherboards that indicates why there is such a huge spike in prices between them.

And now rumours has it that Extreme will be 600 USD+, and Apex around 500 USD. Again, there is nothing with the Rampage VI Apex spesifications that clearly indicates why it should cost 500 USD compared to the 350 USD for the Strix X299-E Gaming. Yeah, it's clearly tailored for optimum overclocking and performance by cutting complexity on the board to ensure the best preformance. But why would cutting DIMM-slots etc make it so expensive compared to the rest of the boards when it still features the same controllers and I/O? It's still the same WiFi-controller, same LAN-controller, the same overall I/O, the same chipset feature set and whatnot.

The Extreme is different as it adds expensive parts like 10Gbit LAN (these controllers are expensive) and some other unquie features so it makes sense it would be more expensive. But for the rest I can't for the life of me understand what really set the Strix X299-E Gaming, Prime X299-Deluxe and Rampage VI Apex apart that would indicate that one costs 350 USD, the other 499 USD and the later pushing it up towards 500 USD.

Level 14
The Apex has 2 DIMM.2 slots because there are no on board M.2 slots where the other boards have 2 on board slots.

Level 10
I don't know why people complain about X299 so much for me platform should be great performer for next 5 years. I saw a unusable number of bad comments and recommendations to avoid completely until new socket. WHY? I'm not for that definitely.
If someone think 5 years is long period... I know but X299 platform have potential to serve most demanding customers more than 5 years.

Do you remember people before invest in Xeon and keep platform longer.
Now with X299 first CPU could be 8 core. Later for 2-3-4 years price of 12-14-16 cores i9 will drop, and they are far better than Xeons because people will OC them.
Imagine 14-16 cores on 4.5GHz... BooooooooooM!!!!! That's because I like platform with more opportunity.
Some motherboards cost over 400$/euro and they work with Intel Core 4 Cores and Xeon 4 Cores. Now 18C/36T but not Xeon, normal desktop CPU capable to OC but performance in multithreaded applications as Xeons.

ONLY THERMAL BUBBLEGUM SPOIL IMAGE. CPU BLOCK DIRECTLY ON DIE, PRESSURE 10gr. Thermal paste to be contact from CPU block and CPU die.

Level 8
just to show you some pics of the Rampage VI Apex in action

upsnef wrote:
just to show you some pics of the Rampage VI Apex in action

Beautiful build upsnef.

anyone know a launch date?

jpmboy wrote:
Beautiful build upsnef.

anyone know a launch date?

You will have one soon enough. 😉

I have searched the question but I didin't find it so I ask it:

Is it possible to make a RAID 0 with 2 Samsung 960 Pro SSD NVME in DIMM 2.1 and DIMM 2.2 to connect them directly to CPU and use them as storage (not bootable RAID).

My config is a X299 Rampage VI APEX with i7 7820x (28 lanes), Intel Optane 900 SSD for Windows 10 and system files in one of the PCIe 3.0 x16 (connected x4 to CPU), a Quadro P2000 in one of the PCIe 3.0 x16 (connected x16 to CPU).

I think it's possible, both Samsung would be connected to CPU x4 speed so I would have 16x Quadro + 4x Optane + 4x Samsung 1 + 4x Samsung 2. Total 28 lanes.

Someone know if this config it's possible please? Thanks a lot!!

upsnef wrote:
just to show you some pics of the Rampage VI Apex in action *
I love the way you kept most of the tubing from blocking the view of this epic motherboard. *I just wish I knew exactly when I can get a hold of a few of these or the RVIE. *