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Rampage VI Apex 128GB RAM Support

Level 8
The RVIA main page states that it only supports 64GB, but I was wondering if that's actually been updated?

I looked through both the QVL and BIOS updates for the RVIA, as well as did a quick search on this sub-forum for "Apex 128GB," but neither indicate that the RVIA supports 32GB DIMMs.

Does anyone have any further information on this?

Level 8
I've received a response direct from Asus support, and they shared that 128GB is, indeed, supported on the RVI Apex, along with recommending that I'm on the latest BIOS (naturally).

I'll be purchasing a 128GB (4x32GB @ 3600MHz) kit from G.Skill to see for myself, but if anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future, and there are no further updates (I may forget to come back here and update the thread after a full system tear down in a few weeks), then it is probably safe to assume that the board accepted the DIMMs and all was well.

@MiRai May I confirm whether your 4x32GB @ 3600MHz challenge succeeded?

Thank you very much.