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Rampage 6 Extreme wont detect HDD, and loses BIOS settings after power off!

Level 9
Hi all, I wonder if you can help? A friend of mine has the above motherboard he installed the latest BIOS and it was briefly working ok. Using 7960X processor and 32GB of G.skill DDR4 3600mhz C16.

At first it would not detect any of his SATA drives (he has 3 installed) but only the M.2 sammy drive was detected. After pressing the reset CMOS button on the back of the machine it then detected everything fine, and we were able to install windows and do some mild overclocking.

After this time, he has at some point unplugged the machine to tidy up the build and move the unit to final location. And now it will not detect the SATA drives again after the power off. Also the time/date is also resetting along with the BIOS settings. It's like the battery is dead possibly, but it should be brand new! Also it's a bit of a pain to even get to this battery due to all the cumbersome LED bling all over the place. Pressing the CMOS reset does not bring them back like it did before.

Are we missing something, should this brand new battery be dead already? Is there something interfering with the SATA HDD detection?

Does anyone have any experience like this or know what the issue maybe?

Many Thanks!

Bully. :cool:

Level 7
It should not be dead, but things happen and maybe he got the one in a million that died.

- unplug and plug back in all connections,
- with the PS off clear CMOS,
- change the battery.

If it still has issues remove everything from the case and lay it on a table or piece of cardboard. Only plug in what is required to boot into Windows, leave everything else unplugged.

Level 40
I go with change the battery and make sure that all the PSU connectors are correctly fitted and that none of the little metal inserts of the PSU plugs have come loose.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 13
Doubt the battery but anything is possible.
Id be leaning more towards losing the 5V standby and/or a short. For it to be working fine then not working after "tidying up" screams loose connection or short.
First thing I would do is pull it all out and put the board on a box and add components one at a time.
CMOS battery shouldn't come into play unless all power is removed.

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Level 7
You have a short somewhere. Check for damaged USB inputs; had plenty of them from customers. They dead short easily.

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies 🙂

We have sussed it out, He had flashed the BIOS with the EZ BIOS tool inside the BIOS. He said that it completed very quickly, nearly instant. I thought that sounded not good, as my Crosshair board takes a good few minutes to update. I got him to update via the USB flashback method, which I have found to be the most reliable method. And all is now working as expected!

We're going to try some OC tonight, hoping for at least 4.2 all core at around 1.1V or hopefully less. This is on Noctua NH-D15 air cooler. I think 4.3 will be the limit without a delid.

Thanks all 😄

Fun times ahead!