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R6EO & Win 10 Secure Boot, DG & CG?

Level 8

Ive run into this issue on multiple occasions since owning my R6EO, when ever i enable Secure boot and then try to enable Device Guard & Credential Guard in Win 10 I end up running into a freeze at post (Asus Logo) Secure boot seems to work OK with the default keys on UEFI but i cant work out which of these is my exact root issue that causes the freeze and I have to clear the Secure boot Keys and boot into Safe mode the use MS's DGReadiness tools to disable DG & CG so i can reboot normally again. So first does anyone know if ASUS have any DG & CG certs and policies available for download anywhere that i can use when enabling DG & CG as im sure its one of those 2 Win 10 features thats causing my Win 10 to stop booting?? Im desperate to get all these Win 10 security features working as I need them for my day job aswell as getting my MS365 ent to run as its designed for using additional features such as Windows Hello for business and also because i want to secure my Win 10 instance.

Has anyone with an R6EO or R6E or x299 managed to successfully enable Secure Boot, Device Guard & Credential Guard fully that can pass on some knowledge on how to create policies and certs that will work with the Default Secure boot keys?

Thanks for reading and look forward to reading replies, also just on a side note im sure there are users with ROG x299 Boards that are running into boot problems without realising on occasions it could be those Win 10 Security features ive mentioned here thats causing there issues not HW probs so if you are facing boot probs and are reading here to find solutions give this a try. Clear your Secure boot Keys in UEFI then also enable auto recovery in the boot tab - boot settings page so that every 3 failed boots you are greeted with a Win 10 blue screen with recovery options allowing you to F8 then boot to Safe mode with networking to boot successfully. If that procedure allows you to successfully boot past the boot freeze then im sure your facing a Device Guard / Credential Guard issue which can be disabled by googling for the DGReadiness tools from MS which is a PS1 file you can run with -disable switch to disable DG & CG and sorts your boot issues. Im only mentioning this here because ive run into boot issues so many times now and its never H/W probs it was always Secure Boot along with DG & CG causing the boot issues. If you still cant boot into Safe mode after trying these steps then its more than likely H/W probs! Anyway just thought id share that!!