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R6E: NVME SSD installed in DIMM.2 module only using PCIE 3.0 X1 instead of X4

Level 7
I have a Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard kitted out with a 7900X CPU and a Samsung 960 EVO SSD. I have a 960 EVO NVME SSD installed in the DIMM.2 (left slot, closest to RAM) and the SSD is only utilizing 1 lane of PCIE 3.0. I have changed several settings in the bios in a effort to troubleshoot this issue including: Reset all settings to default, Disable XMP and manually tune my memory to it's XMP rated speeds and voltage, Made sure PCI setting is set to PCI 3.0 8 Gigatexels instead of AUTO, Tried XMP settings enabled, set M.2 Source to CPU with PCIE 3.0 8X. Nothing has worked. I've updated the firmware on the drive, and updated the BIOS on the motherboard.

Samsung's Magician software continues to see the drive as connected to a PCIE 3.0 1X lane and the speeds reflect that. i'm to the point where i'm about to give up on the DIMM.2 module. Has anyone else had issues with the DIMM.2 Module not utilizing enough lanes on the Rampage VI Extreme?

Here are some pics and my system specs.

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Level 9
Move the drive to the other side of the card and check it. Or try it in the motherboard socket.

G75rog wrote:
Move the drive to the other side of the card and check it. Or try it in the motherboard socket.

Thanks, Yeah I finally fixed it by moving it to Slot #2. I'm not sure why slot 1 is running slow, but at least the problem is resolved. I'm betting I would run into problems if I tried to do a RAID 0 array on the DIMM.2 using that bad slot.

Here is a pic of how the build turned out. (had to RMA 1 stick of ram)


Level 7
I feel like either you have a bios setting wrong or its maybe you have too many things installed what else is in your expansion slots. Obviously you have one 1080ti. But what else?

Level 9
The X1 on the Dimm.2 could be a faulty Dimm card or CPU to socket interface.

If your RAM is a matched kit you should have RMA'd the entire kit. You might get back a mismatched stick RMAing a single stick.