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R6E BIOS "forgets" LED's setting

Level 8
While getting my R6E setup after swapping out to a used MB I noticed when I change the BIOS setting to turn the MB LED's to OFF when in sleep or power off, it only works once after a shutdown. Subsequent shutdowns the MB LED's (under the armor plates) remain on. When I go back into the BIOS that setting has reverted back to "On". This happens despite the BIOS acknowledging that value was changed when pressing F10 to save and restart.

I suspected that changing my CMOS battery to an external holder, which involved cutting, splicing and soldering wires, was botched and the BIOS wasn't getting battery power when powered off. However, I turned power off at the PSU and let it sit for about 6 hours. When I powered up and went into the BIOS it showed the correct date and time. I believe if the battery connection wasn't providing power the date and time would have been wrong. Why doesn't this BIOS retain and keep the setting for powering the LED's off when power is off?

Level 12
Do you have Armoury Crate installed, if so you must select in the device tab the extinction of the leds when the PC is turned off

Level 8
Armoury Crate is installed. It's a piece of crap software
Won't detect any devices 2/3 of the time. If I can get it to detect the MB where is the option to turn off the LED's? I've looked everywhere and can't find anyplace in the program.

Level 11
Check this -

You can disable it only by Armoury Crate or bios settings. If You can't, then must be something wrong with your Motherboard. I would try to reflash bios if i was You.

'Cherry[PL wrote:
;883589']Check this -

You can disable it only by Armoury Crate or bios settings. If You can't, then must be something wrong with your Motherboard. I would try to reflash bios if i was You.

I did reflash my BIOS from Version 3701 to 3701, but that didn't make any difference. I must clarify I have two systems running Armoury Crate. One on this R6E motherboard and one on a Maximus Z790 Hero. The Rampage 6 version is running correctly, it's the Hero system that is total crap. Considering the R6E has many more onboard LED's to detect and control, it's pretty amazing Armoury Crate works as well as it does on the R6E. Both systems have two LED strips connected to the MB connectors. The R6E system detects and controls both of them. The Hero system can't see anything--despite two uninstalls and reinstalls of Armoury Crate.

I did find a setting in the R6E version of Armoury Crate under the tab "Shutdown Effect" that worked to turn off the LED's on power off, so I'm happy with the R6E system. Both systems have Corsair LED fans and related Corsair controllers, so that complicates the environment for Armoury Crate. The R6E version seems to work and play with the iCUE program and I'm able to link Armoury Crate and iCUE in the Armoury Crate profile setup, but it's harder to do on the Hero system as it just sits there with the rolling balls trying to detect compatible hardware. After 20 minutes I have to close Armoury Crate because it's doing nothing. There are some hardware difference between the two systems--for example the R6E system is a complete dual loop custom water cooled hard tube setup, the Hero uses the Corsair H150i AIO CPU cooler with an air-cooled 4090. The R6E system has 7 Corsair LED fans, the Hero system has 13 Corsair LED fans, so the Hero system may be a bit more complicated to configure.

It does appear Armoury Crate settings were able to change the BIOS settings, but now that I've found the Shutdown Effect option the LED's turn off on power down.