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PSU - Help please

Level 10
Hello ,

maybe its a "strage" question but i would like a little bit to be more secure about this i have ordered one of the last Rampage VI version "Encore" but i am not shure i can "Reuse" my PSU , i Have Cooler Master silent Pro M 850w (not the M2 version) , and i would like to know i do have to order a new PSU or i can keep it for now , the board is on the way and i took a look into the manual in german and i got confused : :confused:

1. pin extra Power , the pins are reversed in the english version ist correckt , looks like a Manual error in the german Version ...

2. i have a question about the 2 extra power 8 pin connectors , i dont have them directy from my PSU ,
but i do have several exta 6+2 extension cables , can i use them ? o the PSU side they habe 6 pin and on the motherboard side they have 6 pin but split with 2 extra pins that would be 8 pins , i belive they would fit but i need to have a little bit more securety about this i do not want to fire the board up in the first 3 minutes 😉 , the PSU is still looking good and before i build a Rampage V extreme with it , but the new layout and power connectores make me a little servios ... new PSU or the extra wires will do the job ?

Greetigs from Southamerica

Nonny :cool:

i saw some internet images aout the PSU i belive now i remeber (5 yeahrs ago) i belive it has 2x (4x4) direct connectors , i dint see then now because its still in use , this both should work then ? but then i am missing the 6 pin connector ..... this can be used fom the modlar cable set then ?

EDit 2: ok , i dint find the manual i will buy a new one but still one question is left , i will buy the gigabyte p850 M 80p Gold , but the 6 pin ist it a PCIe connector ? it has 6+2 can i connect this one there ? (Manual 1-29 - EATX12v_3 (A))

Level 13
The 6 pin is the same as a 6 pin on a GPU, dont reverse any pins, it will fry. I had the same doubts because the socket isnt the same but a round peg will fit in a square hole. 850 watts is highly dependent on what you intend to plug into it. If its an 18 core CPU and even a single high end GPU 850 isnt enough. Im running a 10980XE and two 2080Tis and it pushes close to the limits of a 1600W PSU when everything is loaded.

Dont cheap out on the PSU. its the heart of the system. Get a good one with good reviews and dont look too hard at the prices as there is quite a spread. Cheap means cheap. You get what you pay for. The only ones I can speak for are Corsair AXi, Seasonic and EVGA.

Level 10
first of all Thanks for your reply !
i read now some post about this and , i dont know what was happend but this day i got no hits with the search funktion , i belived i am the only one ( as usual) who dont have any idea about this and now this was allready (off cause) kown 🙂 , ok so i am thinking i leave the PSU as is because its allready in use with one time 8 pin and one time 4 pin extra CPU and after your coment i think i will use a standard PCIe cable from the modular cable set what comes directly from PSU ,
i ordered the Intel i9 - 10900x CPU will be here with the board next month BUT i want to be prepared a little i remember the "Drama" for me what i had with the Rampage 5 extreme ...
then this now because i took a look into the German Manual but then i got nervios about the 6 pin port but now i think could be better at least 1000 watt ? i will place 1 VGA Card only ....
i am worry a little about cooling i will not twist on the valores and wanted to use a corsair hydro series iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX

Greetings Nonny

Level 13
What graphics card?
Im assuming you are going air cooled on grahics by the choice of coolers. Are you planning on attempting an overclock?
What case? Im not a big fan of AIOs but a 240 isnt very much. It may get the job done for stock clocks but may hold you back if you intend on overclocking. if thats all your case will fit then thats the deciding factor. Id suggest a 280 at least or a 360. I havent run a 10900X so maybe someone can chime in on what kind of heat you can expect. I know the 7900X I ran a couple of years ago was a hot little bugger. Things have changed though as all the 109XX now use the larger die. The 7900X die was much smaller. I had ample cooling capability with a custom loop but the problem was getting the heat off the die and into the block to be dissipated. Topped out at 5.0GHz but didnt run it 24x7 as it was just too freaking hot.

If you had to go with AIO Id suggest the H115i which has 2 140mm fans or the H150I that has 3 120mm fans. This is if it will fit in your case. I just did a search elsewhere on recommended coolers for the 10900X in the AIO category and these two were on top, one using the H100I.

The 10900X is a 165 watt TDP CPU but so is my 10980XE CPU thats at stock with no overclock. That can change quickly. At 5.1 Ghz, my MAX all core OC my CPU alone will pull more than 600watts. Now I dont thing 10 cores will come close to 18 cores in power draw but Id say with a decent overclock you are probably looking at 300 watts just from the CPU then depending on what you have for a GPU that could be another 350 watts easy. This isnt accounting for everything else in the system. I think it would be prudent go go with a 1000W PSU. I dont like maxing mine out to the limit. When I choose I try to go with a PSU where I wont exceed 80% of its capacity. Dont cheap out on the PSU. This is one o fthe most important parts of your build. Also keep in mind the lower the power the less you get for power ports. You may wish to update your CPU one day when you come across a steal and it would suck to also have to replace the PSU to power it.

I too was confused about the 6 pin power connector as the socket doesn't match up to anything. You will see I think the bottom row second from the left is square and nothing matches that configuration. I saw a post somewhere else saying you had to change the pin outs. DONT DO IT!! Same 6 pin cable you would use on a GPU 6 pin connection. I was on the fence with this for some time until someone I trust here told me the same thing Im telling you now and I had the cushion that if it cooks I bought it through Amazon with the ability to send it back for a replacement if it cooked. I just plugged in the 6 pin and it works perfectly. The rounded bottom will go in the square hole but square wont go in round. I dont know why ASUS did this and the manual doesnt specify what it is. Like this tells you a lot. Seen plenty of 8 pin with an extra 4 pin and 2X 8pin but this is the first 8+8+6 ive ever seen. Like the drawing shows you anything and round vs squared dont match up but the 6 pin GPU connector will slide ride in there. you may be able to get by without the 6 pin. The manual says dont connect just the 6 pin and to connect the 8 pins and if you need it the 6 pin. They are all 12V and GND. The way I see it thats less current down any cable with more cables connected regardless of what you are running.
I always use the EX plug although some argue its not necessary. The way I see it is if it wasn't necessary they wouldn't put it there and what one more 4 pin connector?


My choices for PSUs are Corsair, Seasonic or EVGA.

Level 10
Hello , and again thanks for another great answer ! 🙂

the board isnt here in the moment it will be soon , but i want to be prepaired so i dont need to find out all at this day when i have it in hand 😉
Ok for the 6 pin i will use a "Normal/standard" PCIe cable and i dont change the pins ...
i will first use the Grafikcard asus stix GTX 1060 6 GB , this is the card i have for the moment , but i read a lot and i think you are rigthe more power is also better in the future !
BUT and this is a big one i will see what is here ( i cant get all so easy) , for the moment i have Tower/Case Cooler Master Stormtrooper , my PSU is silent pro m 850 w.
1000w or bigger are hard to find in the moment, Corsair i like the brand and i found only 750w for the moment , in the storm trooper Tower/Case fit only 2x 120 , i mean only 2 fan Radiator i wold like 3 fans better i found a Corsair obsidian 750 D Case/ Tower here maybe i sould get this one ... But i would like the Cooler Master storm Trooper SE but no way to find here this one ....

IF i dont change tower , because i like the look then i would try first the PSU i have , because i didnt found 1000w or above PSU and i would like to place CPU iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX , IF case is chanced i will go for the 360 mm (H150i version) Radiator with 3 Fans better 🙂

over clocking is not realy planed for the moment becaus here it can be very warm sometimes i do not play this the numbers, i leave it like it is 🙂

I dont see on the board the ROG_EXT connector looks like i cant usethe OC Panel or Front Base anymore 😕

Greeting and Thanks again

If you do not plan to overclock then 850w should be sufficient for your needs for now. That should be enough power even with a GTX3090 as long as the PSU has enough connectors for whatever card you choose.
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Level 10
Hello xeromist , Thanks for yor answer,

PSU Cooler master Silent Pro , has the 20/24 Pin and 2 times 4x4 (8 pin two times) and PCIe 6 pin (6 times, i am not sure i remember correctly) and SATA well i thing from the connector side looks good i thing but i belive also looking maybe into the future could be a 1000w PSU , but i will start with the 850w , and Thanks your answer also help me to - lets say more relaxed mind ? can you say that in english ? Maybe later i will "import" a 1000 w or bigger but this will take time for now 850w 🙂

Thanks and
with friendly greetings

Level 9
I run a 1200w modular PSU with plenty of power leads in my gamer with a 7900X and Radeon VII, closed loop water cooled. I don't need all the PSU power but, it does not run hot and stressed like a smaller supply would. It runs cool and Quiet which is what I wanted.

Level 10
Hello G75rog , thanks for your answer 🙂 ,

Ok ok , i understand i should get realy at least a 1000w PSU , looks like i have to look a liitle Harder here , no luck so fare , "import" a good one can take around 4-6 weeks , ok i will try again to find one what fits and is 1000w or above , also i read it several times and after all the recommendations ,i think it is better to be a little stronger on this one ... i will try to get one here thanks for your answer !

With friendly greetimgs

little Update:

Thanks to BigJohnny,xeromist and also G75rog,

here just a quike update i tried to find a bigger PSU but no luck so fare 850w is still the one i need to use , but cooling realy made me a little worry so i got the : iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler with 3 fans and a 360mm radiator for top mounting , but my tower only supports 2x 120mm , 240 mm radiator so i fond here a tower called : Lian-Li o11 dynamic rog edition XL , i read about this and looks good , but i have no experience with this brand but this is what is here already and i took this one , board is still on the way here but i am prepared , strange no "modern" tower has CD/DVD/Blue-ray slots anymore , man now i feel realy old, ok i dont want to lose it so i will try to get an external USB case for the Blue-ray i have , looks this wil be it then 🙂

thats all

Thanks again and with friendly greetings