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Prime X299 Deluxe II Bios Update Freeze (Also DRAM Frequency variations)

Level 7
Hi. I was having an issue with a video card shutting down shortly after playing a game / stress test.
In looking in to this HWinfo64 (and CPU-Z) were showing DRAM Frequencies jumping anywhere from 1028 to 1085. I was told this is an issue! And to look in to updating bios first.
Current is 0504 from Feb 2019. I saw a 3006 Feb 14th 2020 with "Improve DRAM stability" listed.

I tried updating the bios using both internet and off disk but both times it would almost instantly freeze my machine. No mouse movement. Bios Update would be at 5% or no movement in "processing" and be frozen. I would have to flip the PSU switch to reboot. Machine was not bricked (no Flashback needed).

Any help here is appreciated and I hope to talk to Asus soon about this.

No overclocking on anything. Stock Bios settings (as far as I know)
Intel I9 9960X / Corsaire H100i / Asus Prime X299-Deluxe II / G.skill Ripjaws 64gb 3200
2 EVGA RTX 2080 TI Black with Nvidia bridge in SLI.
Corsair RMx 1000 W 80+ Gold Cert Fully Modular
Windows 10
3 Screens -LG 32 2560x1440 144hz Gsync (all enabled) , Dell 30 inch (2560x1600) , 24HD Cintiq

Level 7
Did you overclock? If so reset everything to default and then try to update the BIOS.

As far as ram changing frequencies. In BIOS did you set your ram settings for the ram you have or leave all of it at default?

I do not overclock anything and run as default as can be. I believe RAM is on "XMP" Or whatever its called. Which if my memory serves me well displays as 2133 on each module.

I can try going in and resetting anyways and try the bios update.

I've tried configurations and tests (stripping the machine) that I believe show it is not the memory/GPU/SSD D-Drive etc... So i've been told more likely either CPU or MOBO issue.

In Asus Dual Intelligent Processors 5 I see all the cores and they all have 44 for Ratio except 2 that have 45. I have been advised to try Group Tuning to see if it would set them to be all the same (44).

What is Group Tuning? What would that do?
Is it a good idea to set that or could it cause issues?