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Optane BIOS Configuration: Rampage VI EXREME

Level 10
Hi guys,

Got myself an Optane 32GB M.2 installed on the M.2_1(DIMM.2) and since I have recently flashed a new bios I have forgotten the right BIOS sequence that you need to select for this optane module to work properly.

You can see the current 2 photos of my BIOS configuration if they are the right one.

Also, for some reason Windows nor BIOS can not see the Samsung 860 EVO M.2 (SATA) connected to the M.2_2( DIMM.2) should support SATA and PCIe M.2'S..

1-29 Page- It says there that the M.2_2 (DIMM.2) can work with another M.2 SATA that has at least 2 PCIe lanes.
3-18 page- I have also enabled the source from the PCH rather than the CPU because I use a U.2 ssd.

Thanks for your help.

Level 13
Optane will slow down a U2 SSD if it works at all. They were meant as a buffer for spinners to get them closer to earlier SSDs. The 4k performance is decent but comparing optane speeds to current drives and they are horrendous!

If you can see the drive in drive manager then its the PITA hoop jumping to get it linked with the OS drive and they work only on the same drive the OS is on. I bought one thinking I was going to speed up a pair of spinners I had in raid...uhhhh.....nope!

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Level 7
I would also really love to know what the settings are to get an intel Optane module to work.

I have mine installed in the M.2 slot between the PCIE slots. I have done my best to follow intel instructions with no success. I can see the optane module in windows, but Intel RST applicaiton does not recognize the device (or my other NVMe 1TB drive installed in the M.2_1 DIMM2). The only option i see in BIOS 1603 under PCH configuration is AHCI or Intel Rapid Storage (RAID). When i set it to IRS (RAID) windows will not load saying my boot device is inaccessible or something along those lines.

Is there a thorough tutorial online on installing and enabling the Intel Optane module on our specific motherboard?!?

Thanks for any help!!!