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New Skylake X Microcode 02007108 DATE 2023-07-23 Released. Modified BIOS is coming soon

Level 14

There are performances optimization microcode for Skylake X CPUID 50654 released.


The 02007108 microcode DATE 2023-07-23 fixing " Downfall Mitigation " AVX2/AVX512 performance penalty hit on 02007006 Microcode DATE 2023-03-06. It will provide better AVX512 performance ahead 02007006 Microcode but still not the best as original one on debut era.


However the 02007108 microcode bring back some multicores scaling performance on AVX512 better than 02007006 microcode. Intel engineer told me that it was not easy to fixing " DONWFALL " or " GATHER Instruction "  data stolen on FPU structure without performance hit penalty they'll trying their best to archive same Skylake X original performance. It will took few iteration microcode revision starting on 02007108 microcode to handle this performance hit penalty.


So. It is very impressive to me that Intel engineer didn't denied or abandon our platform support after EOL.

Thank you for all LGA2066 LGA 3467 users around the world.



Modified ASUS 3801 BIOS is coming soon. I'll testing it some period before provide link to everyone here.

W11 24H2 26252.5000 Core i9 7980XE 02007108 MCE ME R6E Modified BIOS 4001 SAMSUNG OG9 FW 1019.0 SSD 970 EVO PLUS 1 TB x 3 NVIDIA RTX 4090 GAME READY 560.70 64GB GSKILL DDR4 3200MHz JBL 9.1 Sound Bar DTS-X

Level 11

Thanks for the info restsugavan! 👍

Level 11

cascade lake x?

Not yet for Cascade Lake.

Level 12

I thought the Cascade Lake (CUPID: 50657) ucode 3605 from 2023-07-28 was the downfall fixed one. NO?  tistou77 modded bios1601 (RAMPAGE VI EXTREME ENCORE) here: with uCode 3605 and it works great. Thank you Tistou77!

 Are you saying there will be another uCode update that is even better for downfall?