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My ASUS X299 WS motherboard will not boot. The Red CPU light is on and the Q CODE is always 49.

Level 7

My ASUS X299 WS motherboard will not boot. The Red CPU light is on and the Q CODE is always 49. I've...

I've tried everything! Pulled CPU, Pulled Vid Card, Tested every Corsair Dom Mem, Cleared C-M, Pulled battery, Reseated every cable from EVGA 1,200 W Titanium, Disconnected  everything not essential, Flash BIOS


Level 14

1. Checking CPU Contact first did it burnt some part? If not trying other motherboard if it boot correctly the LGA pin on your motherboard may bent or damage.

2. If CPU can't boot on other board, You must contact Intel urgently to RMA. Due our platforms CPU discontinued since May 2023. I'm not sure they've any stock on Malaysia plant enough for serve your request.

3. If the motherboard matter, trying new motherboard during sending the old one to maintenance.

W11 C 24H2 26252.5000 Core i9 7980XE 02007108 MCE ME R6E Modified BIOS 4001 SAMSUNG OG9 FW 1019.0 SSD 970 EVO PLUS 1 TB x 3 NVIDIA RTX 4090 GAME READY 556.12 64GB GSKILL DDR4 3200MHz JBL 9.1 Sound Bar DTS-X

Thank you for ideas  I checked on those things and the problem was not there. I have been running this pc for 5 years without an overclock. This just showed up and it could be related to age

Level 7

While you have a powerful EVGA 1200W Titanium PSU, a faulty power supply can sometimes cause booting issues. If possible, test the motherboard with a known-good PSU to rule out power delivery problems. uno online

Level 7

Hey there,  thanks for the PSU suggestion. The only reason I haven;t done that is there are so many cables to mess with!  If necessary I will do it, but this thing is reliable. I only have been using Evga power and never a problem. I order a use i7 7040X for $50 and should be here soon.. Thank you again and I will update.  Someone was talking about moving a 2 pin back to the default 1 pin. I cannot remember what he said. I'm looking for it now.