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motherboard WS X299 SAGE/10G and bios 3101 problem fan cpu

Level 8

I wanted to report the following problem for this motherboard and only bios 3101

After putting the last bios 3101, the following defects happen, which with the previous bios did not happen. I state that I have several identical motherboard then.
I could find the problem in those with the bios 3101 and not find the problem with those with the previous bios.

The problem occurs every 2 out of 10 reboots

after putting the bios 3101 the cpu fan set as automatic detection cannot always restart the fan, and it must be set
on pwm, being a pwm fan. So if the fan turns on and off and goes crazy even being in the bios, just put it on pwm and it stabilizes.

Second most serious problem:
when the motherboard is restarted "not turned off" during the bios post,
this 3101 version only turns off the CPU fan "the others are all running" and I have also set the turbo profile for all without delays in starting.
So as soon as the bios post ends, the CPU fan is activated, this causes a few times that the bios signals the lack of fan rotation rpm,
then pressing f1 enters the bios and the fan instead runs at maximum speed.
I select checked in at 200rpm
I can assume that the check is going to report the false positive just as the motherboard is doing the post and keeping the CPU fan off. This happens on reboot.
I also wonder why asus has chosen to leave all the active fans to reboot with the exception of the CPU fan that is turned off, which is also senseless.

Currently a zalman Zalman CNPS 9900 MAX is installed
but I also changed 2 more and I also changed the fan model with another pwm without a resolving result.

I write post in this forum because I don't know who to write the problem to.
I don't know of any valid technical support emails.
I only know RMA emails but they don't respond.
I don't know who to write to anymore.

If you can tell me who to forward this issue to