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Intel X399 Chipset is coming. Welcome to Rampage VII Era

Level 13
According to Intel RST 16 documents. There are Intel X399 HEDT Chipset with native USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Intel Z390 Chipset on the paper.

Our Skylake X Skus only will working with X399 HEDT Chipset not Kabylake X.

Intel also planing to launch 9th Gen Core Processor and 8 th Gen Core X Processor after Computex Taipei 2018.

*Here is the link.
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Level 11
Theres nothing saying 8 Gen X Processors won't work on X299 it will be the same socket Intel wont drop a new socket after a year, meaning they most likely work on both X299 and X399 which they have done in the past with mainstream Processors.