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I'm in love

Level 15

OLED, 2 bios chips, beautiful stuff here. I'm thinking with 8 cores it will be much easier to OC.
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Level 7
Is December still the release date for this board?
Has anyone seen it for sale anywhere? I've only seen one review so far.

Level 10
They are nice boards but they don't hold a candle to the R6E. The Rampage is still a better board in every aspect. These are nice for a second rig. I'll be building a streaming rig with the 9900K and new Maximus board.

Level 9
I am not actually comparing them to the Rampage but I also want one for a secondary rig. In particular, a gaming rig for my son that I want to be powerful and also serve as a backup rig if anything goes wrong with my main rig.

It will be either the Formula for the watercooling features or the Hero Wi-Fi...will see in 3-4 months that I plan to begin the build.
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