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Having issues with temps and overclock on R6E

Level 10

I am on a water cooled bench and been on stock settings 'auto' for awhile and now looking to bump up my performance to see what this thing can do. 

Does XMP have issues with this board and latest bios? 
If i change to manual instead, I'm really just entering in the values that match the memory specs along with volts. Once this is done, should i be seeing 3200 as memory frequency in CPUZ or 1600? (thinking no and this is dynamically tied in with turbo, raise as needed?)

I did try following the settings in this video and stress test jumped it to 70c on CPU while GPU remained around 45c.

Should i switch back to optimized settings, then enter memory timings manually to start as a baseline instead? Somewhat lost on where to start here after being out of the OC world for a decade or so. 


  • R6E Omega w/10980XE
  • Trident Royal F4-3200C14Q-64GTRS
  • 2x 2080 Ti 
  • HX1500i PSU
  • 360 rad



Intel Core i9 10980XE at 5GHz. BIOS overclock settings.

Level 10

I have the same board with latest bios and XMP is working fine. I can figure out that for CPU the "auto" options is not stable and rises the voltages a lot. I set manually all CPU options (was a lot of work...) and now my overclock is stable (@4.8 for 8 cores and @4.4 for all cores)

What CPU auto options did you change and to what if you don't mind? 
I think part of my problem has to do with LLC not being enabled. 

Level 7

I don't understand why this chip cant scale after 48x, very good oc at 5ghz, and with good cooling, but why so hot for such a cooling system? I get same scores at 9 cores 48x 9 cores 46x. Is their a breaking point for these chips?   Geometry Dash Lite 

I changed mainly the voltage settings lowering as many as possible. It's because heating. These chips are power hungry. My processor (12 cores) reaches almost 270 watt at full load, it's usually over than a 360 watercooler can handle. It's inherent at the factory process, I enable the Intel features (speed step, turbo...) and sometimes the clocks reaches 5.2, but it's for very few moments at only one or two cores. At full load the maximum that my cooler can handle is 4.4 Ghz at all cores (and I live in Brazil, the outside temperature is common over 30 C). You have more cores, more heat, and probably having thermal throttling. I guess that you can tune but 4.6 or more at all cores you be difficult to cool. You can set, for example, like me, 4.8 for 8 cores, 4.6 for 12 and 4.3 for all cores. Remembering that games uses few cores and more Ghz are better!

Level 10

Would manually setting CPU input / VCCSA / VCCIO voltages other than auto help reduce temps? i'm currently using XMP with 48 core, CPU core voltage of 1.22 and temps seem to hit low 80s. I did LLC at level 2 and 5 but no change in temp (says it would cause higher temps anyways to lower vdroop). 

I think i can still get lower temps on my WC rig though @ 4.8. 

These temps are so good for 4.8! these chips have maximun temps over than 100 C!