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[FIRMWARE] Intel ME (X299)

Level 18

Hi everyone,

- Intel ME Consumer Firmware :

Firmware : [29/06/2022]
Download : Link

Check/Update Process :

Check current version : Right click on "Check.cmd" > Run as administrator

Install/Update : Right click on "Install.cmd" > Run as administrator > Automatic restart when install is done

OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit or more recent.
Hardware requirements : Motherboards with Intel X299 chipset.


Level 18

Release Notes added to the thread.

Level 10
great work confuse which one STRIX X299-E

delete sorry wrong topic
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Level 18
Hi everyone,

- Intel ME Consumer Firmware :
Firmware : [09/07/2020]
Download : Link

Thread updated.

Level 12
Cheerful @MoKiChu Thanks you for your kindness.

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Level 10
updated and its working fine, Thanks a lot.

Level 14
Works great here too. Thanks!
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Level 10
thanks for keeping us up to date

Level 11
Thanks @mokichu

All ok!!!
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Level 7
Is there any way to roll back the firmware? My temperatures are running high after the firmware update. My temp went up by 5 degrees use to have load temp of 75 now it's running at 80 at full load. Idle temp, as well as average, also move up by five degrees