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Expert advice for PC with Asus Rog Extreme VI, Intel 7900X, DDR4-3600 and 1080Ti?

Level 8
Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my post. I'm looking for a ASUS ROG expert that would be so kind to help me tune/config my PC the right way. My main question is how to configure my system so that I have optimal speed and stability for media/gaming/editing. I'm not looking to get the absolute maximum through overclocking. I'm looking for the best speed possible while maintaining stability (meaning no crashes), but I'm mainly having some doubt if my PC is configured the way it should be.

So my system is running reasonable, but I'm not sure if it's running as fast as it can (without overclocking). My knowledge is fairly limited and I've never own a system as advanced as this one before.

I'm not much of a gamer, but recently I've done a lot of level design for a gzdoom game and I'm wondering if my system is tuned correctly. I think it lacks CPU power even though I have 10 cores. Many games rely on single thread I believe and I suspect this may be the problem. It's probably the case for gzdoom. My system just indicates base core speed 3,3 Ghz for all cores, while I'm supposed to be boosting up to 4,3 Ghz for one or two cores iirc?

So, what happened to Intel Turbo Boost Max (or whatever), I can't install it anymore. Can you bring me up to date on this? What am I supposed to do now? Basically, how do I set my OS/bios to have optimum CPU/memory speed? How can I test to see if some CPU core does get to 4,3Ghz?

Some years ago there was the CPU security flaw (Spectre and something else?) and you had to install some update or something which basically made your pc secure again, but unfortunately slower, but that's on the OS level. I didn't do anything specific for this with my most recent Windows 10 install. I don't know at all if it's still an issue and if it's this that causes lack of performance.

I would be very grateful for any direction on how to get my system tuned for media/gaming (as best as possible).

I've never messed around in the BIOS other than what was indicated to me in instructions. I'm out of touch to say the least and I would need exact instructions.

I took screenshots of CPU-Z, Windows 10 System/device mgr, dxdiag and made some pictures of the BIOS settings. It's about 30 images, I don't know what the most convenient way is to add 'm here. I don't want a long thread with 30 pictures showing.

This is my PC configuration:

Os: Windows 10 Pro 64bit/Debian Linux 10 64bit
Motherboard: Asus Rog Extreme VI
BIOS version: 3201
CPU: Intel 7900X Skylake X (base frequency 3,3Ghz, max turbo 4,3Ghz)
Memory: 2x TridentZ 16GB DDR4-3600Mhz
SSD: 1GB Samsung 960 Pro
+ LL RGB fans / Asus Aura
Power: Corsair Ax 1200i 80+ Platinum
Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D

Level 13
You are now reaching maximum system performance.


Have a nice days. Happy Mid Autumn Festival.
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