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Dimm.2 SSD not detected - Help Needed

Level 11

This is driving me insane for along time i houve bought another Nvme drive all my M2 are populated

in windows at least it does not show the SSD Nvme

Iam using a 48 lane CPU (10980XE), iam using 16X 16X 8X and dimm 2_1 is enabled

every thing ok acording to specs



it detects the SSD

iam using nvme SSD to boot from M2.1 slot and m2.2 is also with a drive (storage)

any help would be apreciated


Fixed, needs to be disabled on dimm2 on the oabove figure its gets detected in the bios in the NVME storage, and show up in windows if you enable Dimm2_1 and Dimm2_2 it will open a Vroc raid after saving for a raid setup and it will not show in he NVME storage until a raid is enable same thing for windows.

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Level 13
Make sure you have DIM.2_2 chosen over the PCIE4. Also check you are in the correct slot. Been awhile since I use both for Intel M.2 drives and Vroc but pretty sure the one closest to the memory is #1.*

This BIOS is pretty hard to navigate and find this stuff. Took me some time to find the place to select DIMM.2_2 *over PCIE4.*