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different core temperatures Rampage vi

Level 8
guys, I need your help. (sorry for my english but use google to translate)
then I own the 7820x, delid fact. Rampage VI extreme
I do not understand either in default or oc, using programs of stability there are cores that are even 15 degrees less, I tried everything changed the pasta, I tried another cpu always delid always 10/15 degrees less than the core warmer, I also tried another cooling system but nothing has changed. the voltages are all on manual, each core is at the same voltage all the cores are at 4500 1.120v. I would not want the motherboard a friend of mine with the same processor the difference between the core and a few degrees. some advice?

Marko911 wrote:
Omg,I'm so sorry.I didn't even realized I've used a curse word.Won't happen again. 😞

Given there was a deliberate placement of characters, I'm sure you had a vague idea. In any case, I'm glad you're going to keep things clean from here on. 🙂

Level 11
I too would say temperature difference up to 20c is fairly common on these CPUs. I don't have any numbers to give while at work, but:

I have the 7740X, 7900X and 7980XE. All are delidded using Conductonaut. The 7740X and 7980XE have custom copper IHS on them. 7900X doesn't have any glue left on the PCB and the others still have it.

On the 7740X, all cores under Prime95 are within 5 degrees of each other. On the 7900X, one core is always significantly hotter. On the 7980XE, a bunch of cores are significantly hotter. Also on the 7900X and the 7980XE I would say 1.2V is getting to the limit voltage-wise where you want to be if you want to run Realbench or old Prime95 on custom water. On the 7980XE, 1.15-1.18 V is closer to truth. If you want to OC further, I would suggest setting a bunch of cores to higher clocks and when all cores are loaded leave them to like 4.0 - 4.2 GHz.

I think the 7900X is the worst of the bunch with the highest core count but the smallest die size to dissipate all the heat. I would definitely recommend using this chip with the der8auer direct die kit, it would result in the lowest temps for me so far of any methods. It is true some of these chips can't do even 4.5 GHz, my first 7900X was really bad and it needed around 1.24 V for 4.5 GHz on custom water, resulting in very high temps, and this new 7900X could do Prime 4.5 GHz at only 1.16V so there is a big variance. Also, new chip can run Cinebench at 5050 MHz on cold water... 🙂

So much money spent and so much trouble for Intel not wanting to solder the Skylake-X chips. I always feel sad when firing up my HTPC with the runs so cool even on old 240mm AIO.
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