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choosing a x299 motherboard

Level 7
it seems like there is a lot of compromised or perhaps compromises... here is what I am looking for

1) resizable BAR support (just got ASUS RTX3070 EKWB)
2) 10th gen 48lane support, as far as I understand 10th gen is required for BAR support
3) support at least one U.2 drive
4) supports one 22110 lenght m.2, ideally a 2nd 2280 for optane
5) has atleast one active/available pcie 1x for SCSI card
6) one 8x slot for SAS raid array card
7) 2 addtional 1x PCIe slots for parallel/serial IO and firewire card....
😎 not have my graphics card dropped down to 8x because for some stupid reason it has to share any bandwidth it drops down.

Eveythinything I have looked at so far has had some level of compromize....
right now I am on a rox strix x99
so since the u.2 and m.2 slot share band with I have my u.2 ssd on a add on board
my x99 would proably still give me eveything (excluding BAR even thought in theory ASUS could added it they wanted) I would want if either the PCIe 1_1 slot didn't share with the wifi or I the m.2/u.2 drive didn't share bandwidth.

It seems like the x299 series doesn't get as much love as other platforms

PanosXidis24 wrote:
Hot???mine no goes to 58c

Now imagine hot summer + hot GPU like 3080/3090 etc...

'Cherry[PL wrote:

Now imagine hot summer + hot GPU like 3080/3090 etc...

Theres a fix for that.......I agree the stock heat sink sucks but I put one of these bad boys on there and problem solved. VRMS never went over 40C.

Just dont use an EK mono block, they work great for the VRMS but suck on the CPU.

Ultimately purchased a ROG Strix Gaming II
It seemed like the best compromise at the time, I was a little sad to give up PS2 as I had a really nice WYSE PS2 keyboard. I have enough free slot available I didn't have to give much else up.

PanosXidis24 wrote:
Hot???mine no goes to 58c

Yeah, now put a 10980XE OC to 5GHz in there and wait for BSOD. Mine did OK on a 9940X with the heat killer water block but with the stock cooling it was passing 80C at 4.6GHz and you could smell it. After the water cooler never passed 40C and squeaked 4.8 Ghz 24x7 on 9940X. Couldnt get a 10980XE to 4.6 with it. Run 10980XE up to 5.1GHz on R6EE with the stock cooler and VRMs never pass 55C. Difference is one is 8 power phases and the other is 16 with infineon chips. Power delivery on the two is not even in the same ball park. If you are staying back on a 10 core, OK, 14core you are pushing it. 18, forget any dream of an overclock if you can keep it stable at stock settings consider it done. Not that it wasnt a nice intro into X299 but the Omega came along and shamed it then the Encore is what the Omega should have been in the first place. They just rushed out the Omega. Only real differences between the two is the Encore has better VRM chips, Lost a U2 connecter and gained a few other updates. easier to read it for yourself.,RO...

I am currently on a ROX Strix x99 motherboard with a 6850k, this so far hasn't been bad for me... Last night when I played though cyberpunk (different ending on the same settings it didn't seem to get as hot... maybe less trapped air. I have my CPU and GPU in the Same loop, my GPU got a little over 50°C, max water temp was 37°C, CPU got closer to 60°C. I was looking mostly at the 10920x CPU figure is similar in clock speed as what I am running but with a lot more cores. You guys did bring up some topics of thermals and VRMs that I hadn't thought about. I didn't notice until now that many consumer boards had dropped the heat pipe with allows for much better cooling. My primary pump is on the CPU, so I would prefer to not have to switch over to a mono block plus when looking around at monoblock is seems like stock/supply is pretty limited. It made me think I might want to look more at the workstation line motherboards.

Should most x299 motherboards support bifurication because if they don't I would have to buy a much more expensive adapter that has an onboard controller?

Should I really be even that concerned heat, because even with my existing CPU not running overclocked I don't feel like I am getting crazy bottle necked. I think I really notice it when it come to data compression task and when I am doing actual work.... it still seems to out perform a lot of what's in the actual office.