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Bios Error Code B2 Load VGA Bios on Rampage VI Omega

Level 7
Hello Fellow ROGers!

I've been having an issue with my Omega mobo and an EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA card. I constantly get a bios error code B2 Load VGA Bios error message. I'll shut down PC and restart. Most of the times, this will work and I'll be able to get into Windows. Has anyone else experienced this? I also wrote to EVGA about this issue, and am trying to figure out if it's the motherboard or the video card.

Problems also have cropped up when PC is awakened from "sleep" mode, where there will be no video signal being sent out to monitor (requiring me to shut off power to PC.) Yesterday, when actually working on PC, ripping CDs, and suddenly lost video, PC was still going, though because CD completed RIP, and one fan, closest to video ports was spinning at full speed. Again had to force power off on PC and reboot to get video back.

I've been working around the issue but now it's driving me a bit crazy. Seems to be happening more frequently since updating bios to latest released version, 0802.

Thank you!


Level 15
I’ve seen this occasionally too. Are you over clocking anything? List all your hardware including the memory kit. Remove the video card a blow out the pcie slot. Might be dusty.
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Level 11

Just quick question whats your EVGA card model? FTW3? If yes read this below.

I used to have same problem. Sadly you will need to change your motherboard because there is no fix to this.

Running SLI or single 2080TI FTW3 will give that error on Asus motherboards. Asus is silent for almost a year on this ( I reported this problem to their support with 2080ti release).

You can try to contact Asus and see if they have any new solution.

ASUS Rampage VI EXTREME this was my motherboard back then. When i updated last bios Version 1704 i was not able to load my EVGA FTW3 cards anymore. I contacted to provide RMA and test my new 2080ti ftw3 cards. They came to conclusion that FTW3 cards ( 20 series) are not supported on ASUS x299 motherboards. They tried new ASUS Rampage VI EXTREME and new model OMEGA (also same error LOAD VGA Bios).

You either RMA motherboard and ask for different model (i did that with shop they returned my money) or sell your EVGA card and buy Asus card so it will 100% work.

Level 9
I'm running an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING (single card) on an R6E. I've had that issue since day one (even on the test bench with no OC just to make sure everything worked prior to case installation). It appears to be completely random. Sometimes multiple restarts don't work and I have to drain power from the board by unplugging the PSU from the outlet. I've always managed to get past the error though. I'm running BIOS 1503 with an OC on a 7940X. It's a pain in the ass to deal with but it doesn't happen too often so I just deal with it.

There's no way I'm going replace my board just for this and I also don't buy the fact that these cards are not supported on Asus X299 motherboards. Besides this minor annoyance the card has been running flawlessly so far.

Suppose this is a bit of a long shot seen as this thread I so old , but worth a try
*I have the same problem just start happening everything was fine then after armoury crate did some updates And now seing this code on start up now , did anyone find a work around for this*

Dear all,

I'm having the same issue with my SLI 1080 GPU. Not sure why is happening, but for me it's a little different. At start bios is posting successfully. Also I'm able to login and work/play on my desktop. I do mention I'm not using any OC and everything is running by default/Auto. So, I went home, started my pc, login, measuring my Temps.... had a snack, then I've started Dota2 for some gaming. Everything was ok and suddenly I lost my VGA signal but the game was rolling as I could hear the sound in my headsets.

There is one thing which I don't understand:
After I finish building my pc, I needed to power up. CPU was not detected as the motherboard had the default BIOS version. Then I went on Asus site and download the BIOS for i9 10980XE support (0802 version). This is the BIOS version for CPU, now there is another Bios&FIrmware Version 3403 - 2021/03/25 which I'm not sure if I need to download this one too.. (I did not download and flash to 3403, the only bios version which I made the update is 0802)

My system is:

19 10980XE
Asus Rampage VI Extreme Omega
Corsair Vengence PRO 3200
2x1080 MSI GPU

This issue is not happening all the time, but it's frustrating when you spend a lot of money on some products. I'm expecting no issues...
Asus should come with some update fix for this issue as it's not funny anymore....Bad experience (will drop using Asus products)

Thank you,

Level 9
This generally happens with Unstable Memory Overclocks.

Hi, how can I fix this code?

Yesterday turned on my PC and it didn't boot, so I reset it, and same problem when I looked at the error code b2 VGA BIOS.
my Video card is a ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-A8G-GAMING and my motherboard is ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME. Haven't done any kind of overclocking.