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New HDR monitors

Looks great and I even considered preordering one, but $2000 for a 27 inch monitor? Wow.https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236885&cm_re=asus_pg27uq-_-24-236-885-_-Product

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Bios refusing to post, O4 error.

For some time I have been getting random post errors,*These errors have become more frequent recently which started me thinking I had borked the delid, so as these errors were now at 7 out of ten attempts fail to boot, I decided to completely strip r...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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Should I install Intel RST or RSTe?

Hi.First I would like to apologize if that question has already been asked; I did some research but I could not a specific answer.I've just acquired a Rampage VI Apex, and I don't know which Intel AHCI driver to install: the RST or the RSTe (enterpri...

Rampage VI Extreme Heatsink, help please

Hello, i got the ASUS Rampage VI Extreme yesterday. I bought it by ebay and after unpacking I discovered that the heatsink is damaged. The seller doesn't answer so i opend a paypal conflict. Is there a option to get the heatsink only for the ASUS Ram...

Samsung Releases NEW NVMe Driver 3.0

It looks as though our friends as Samsung have put out a new driver for the Microsoft April Creators Windows 10 Update. It is driver 3.0.1803 that obviously is the driver to go with Windows version 1803.I think I will wait on this one to see how it ...