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Question about Cpu_DIMM2 in rampage apex

Hello, sorry for my English, I wanted to ask you if I can put a Samsung 250gb evo in the cpu_DIMM2 connector to build a raid 0 with 3 Samsung evo of 250.The two Samsung 250gb evo drives are currently in raid 0 on the PCh_DIMM2.I have an i9-7900X proc...

R6A PCIe only at 8x

Just mounted the MB on title and updated everything about its firmware.I am not able to reach 16x with a GTX970 video card. Stuck at native 8x in UEFI informations.Tried every PCIe slot but no way.I hope it is the video card, even if I read that this...

Bramax by Level 7
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X299 RE6 Aura or Live dash programs not working

I have the latest updates, both 1401 bios and all windows updates. I'm not sure exactly after which, but my aura and live dash programs won't open. Aura brings up a dialog box and says it encountered a problem. Tried to reinstall, same issue. Did som...

Disk order for Windows installation

HelloI have my OS installed on an Optane 900P (PCIe) and a Samsung 960 (on slot 2 of DIMM.2) for DATAI put the Optane on the 4th PCIe slot now (before it was on slot 2) and since when I install Windows, the Optane is on disk 1 and the Samsung on disk...

tistou77 by Level 13
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DiMM.2 stuck in PCIe Gen. 1

I have two Samsung 970 Evo M.2 drives in my DiMM.2 slot. One is working happily and Samsung Magician shows it's interface as "PCIe Gen. 3 x 4" The other, in DiMM.2_2, shows "PCIe Gen. 1 x 4" and is much slower. This also happens to be my OS drive....

Textret by Level 7
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Sound Issue-Headset vs RVIE sound card

Hi there...I tried to connect my Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum headset with 3,5mm cable (rear line in port),and I get sound only on one side.It works fine on aorus gaming 9 and my phone.Is there any settings or whatnot that I should look into? Th...

Rampage Extreme VI causing computer freeze!?

So I built a new PC with the Extreme VI and every seemed to work fine at first. Used the computer for a couple of hours no problem. Then all of the sudden my PC froze. Screen completely frozen with still image on screen. With no response from any dev...