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Strix X299E gaming VRMs

It's really nice that ASUS has come out with an updated version of the Strix 299E, the 299XW, which makes fan cooling the VRMs possible without it looking like crap. What's the possibility of getting the new parts for my Strix 299E?

Black Screen after POST, Reboot then fine.

Hello,I seem to be having an issue when booting up my computer from a shutdown state.When the computer is in it’s shutdown state and then powered on, the computer will boot, POST and then start to load into Windows 10 when all of a sudden the displa...

R6E Driver Support Page Windows 10

I noticed on the driver page there is updated drivers the drivers are intel wireless and intel Bluetooth is this correct? Thought the board had Atheroshttps://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-RAMPAGE-VI-EXTREME/HelpDesk_Download/

New RAMPAGE motherboard on the line?

There are rumours stating, that Asus will soon announce a new Rampage VII motherboard for Intel's Skylake-X refresh 2066 processors based on the new Z399 chipset. Does anybody have detailed information about this? Is it worth waiting another 1-2 mont...

rampage vi extreme rgb lighting

Hi everyoneThis is my first post on the forums so hi all firstly.Just built a new PC and am having problems with the RGB lighting on the motherboard, all of the lighting on the board works apart from the republic of gamers logo which doesnt....checke...

ROG Rampage VI Extreme - two memory kits

Hi, I 'inherited' in nice setup, which I cannot stabilise, runs fine for at least a few hours before freezing / restarting, etc.This is the setup:ROG Rampage VI Extreme (1503 Bios)Core i9-7900XCorsair Vengence LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C16...

Bad RAID0 Performance on DIMM.2 with two NVMEs

Hi ROG communityI set up a RAID0 with two Samsung 970 NVME on the DIMM.2 module. As i can't make RAID via VROC (sais 970 aren't supported) i did it via PCH.The DIMM.2 RAID works and everything, i use it as Game and Workdrive (Adobesuite) but performa...

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