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Asus X299 USB Flashback file name?

Hello,After updating to 0503, my Strix board died. The power shuts off after around half a second with and without the CPU installed and no other peripherals or RAM. I tried USB Bios Flashback but the process doesn't seem to start after holding the b...

xarot by Level 11
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Dimm.2 thermal pad thickness for R6EE?

Hello I have a Rampage VI Extreme Encore. I am about to replace and move around some of my m.2. I was thinking it would be good to get new thermal pads for the drives I am going to be moving in the Dimm.2. However when I contacted Asus support they h...

How to fix CPU CODE: 00 ?

Hi team,I recently built x4 identical PC's with the specs outlined below. They all worked fine for about two months until yesterday when one of then started showing the error code "CPU CODE: 00" on the motherboard. So 3 out of 4 PCs work without iss...

mjan8935 by Level 7
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Again thunderboltex 3 with some success

Hi.I'm not sure if this is the right place to post ... I own Prime DELUXE x299 board. And with it ThunderboltEX 3 card.Years in the past, i did setup this rig, and everything worked. BIOS was v2002, and TBEX3 card was in PCIE_4 slot. No issues. Well,...

hhrvoje by Level 7
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Intel INF utility

Where in the world do we get these drivers now?None of the ASUS Chipset drivers install them, Windows update does not install them.These used to be installed by the inf utility but nothing now.Only way I have been able to install them is by using SDI...