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R6A Bios 1705

Currently listed under Win 10 64 bit, Bios & Firmware.Renamed, added to USB stick, flashed, took 3 reboots to set bios to my preferences.Basic XMP, no extra OC, onboard BT, Wifi, Lan disabled, Hyper X16 on PCIEX16_3 set to Hyper Data for OS drives Wi...

G75rog by Level 10
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Boxing of Asus Rampage vi extreme omega

Hi Guys,Just a questions in regards to the motherboard VI Omega. Been using the ROG Range for years n years now with a lot of pride in the boards they've offered.Today I received my Omega via an Australian reseller shipped overnight.Only to find the...

The Tj.MAX for AVX512

Hello guys,CPU: 7940X delidedMB: Rampage VI Extreme - BIOS 1301OC 4.5G@1.15v manual mode , AVX offset 2 , AVX512 offset 5Base on Intel Ark, the Tj.max is 102 degreeWhen I using AIDA64 5.97 FPU Stress test after 5 minute , cpu clock start became unst...

Yarjard by Level 7
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R6EO Instability

Still having stability issues with bios 0504. I had installed windows with 0218 with no problems at all. CPU is by SL. I keep getting problems on cold boot. I had BD memory error 2 days ago and changed the Uncore voltage from auto to 0.200 and it cra...

78956 78957 78958 78959
Hopper64 by Level 15
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R6EO lane allocation

This is strange. Still on bios 0218, I had an Intel 905p in PCIe x16 slot 1, EVGA 2080 Ti in PCIe x16 slot 2, and a Creative Soundblaster Z in PCIe x16 slot 3. The bios reported native x8 on the video card so I assumed it was a lane allocation issue....

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Severe problem with 1704 bios

I updated bios to 1704 and the microcode updater, used the app to change bios to R6E.cap and updated via usb/flash port.Bios installed ok and I confirmed it was 1704 and microcode 4D installed.I then applied mild Oc to cpu, that installed ok. I then ...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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