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The Tj.MAX for AVX512

Hello guys,CPU: 7940X delidedMB: Rampage VI Extreme - BIOS 1301OC 4.5G@1.15v manual mode , AVX offset 2 , AVX512 offset 5Base on Intel Ark, the Tj.max is 102 degreeWhen I using AIDA64 5.97 FPU Stress test after 5 minute , cpu clock start became unst...

Yarjard by Level 7
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R6EO Instability

Still having stability issues with bios 0504. I had installed windows with 0218 with no problems at all. CPU is by SL. I keep getting problems on cold boot. I had BD memory error 2 days ago and changed the Uncore voltage from auto to 0.200 and it cra...

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Hopper64 by Level 15
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R6EO lane allocation

This is strange. Still on bios 0218, I had an Intel 905p in PCIe x16 slot 1, EVGA 2080 Ti in PCIe x16 slot 2, and a Creative Soundblaster Z in PCIe x16 slot 3. The bios reported native x8 on the video card so I assumed it was a lane allocation issue....

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Severe problem with 1704 bios

I updated bios to 1704 and the microcode updater, used the app to change bios to R6E.cap and updated via usb/flash port.Bios installed ok and I confirmed it was 1704 and microcode 4D installed.I then applied mild Oc to cpu, that installed ok. I then ...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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System hang with repeating sounds?

Was playing anthem for a few hours and got a system hang, I'm pinging this on bios 1704 ether its not as stable as 1503 or my OC needs tweaking on it, what are these types of system hangs from? are they memory related?

Rampage VI Omega USB 3 Issue

Recently, all of my USB 3 devices no longer work. Every port on the board works fine with USB2, but not with USB 3. There are a few ports on the back that will allow me to use a USB3 device, but the device operates in USB 2.0 speed. Any help would...