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Load VGA bios error

Hardware in my signature. I have seen this error twice now. Boots OK until right before it gets to windows and then sticks with "Load VGA bios". The Q code appears to be AD. Any ideas? Things work fine otherwise and I had the same error once with the...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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What is this Part? [Onboard Heatsink]

Hey,I just took out what I thought was blocking my access to M.2_1(SOCKET3). What is its function otherwise? E.g. does it protect graphics card from heat generated by something under? It *was* sort of warm when I got it out (freshly turned off).

Intel 905p M.2 Temps

Temperature is at 41C with my Intel 905p M.2 with the heatsink supplied with the R6EO in the DIMM.2 slot. I think that's pretty good, but seems like my other drives were in the 30s C. Just wanted opinions on the temps here. I do have the option of in...

R6EO Hangs In BIOS Update

Never got my R6E stable during post, even with default settings, so to RMA the board I needed a replacement (my dealer was not willing to do some cross-shipping). Got a brand new Rampage VI Extreme Omega and I am already regretting my decision, but ...

Aysberg by Level 10
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Issues with 2080tis in NVlink

Wanted to see if anyone else is having issues with using dual 2080ti's? I am getting weird post issues (no video output, and sometimes post issues that cycle post a few times) and CODE 97 Load VGA BIOS. A quick reset switch tap will let the PC boot...

Decision, Decisions, 7920x or 9920x

The x299 chipset is ideal for my use case.. The only thing I have to decide on is the cpu. 7920x or the 9920x. The only differences I noticed is the 9920x has slightly higher clocks, and the cpu is soldered. The 7920x can be delided... How much o...

R6E and 2 small questions

Hi, i am building a new pc and since it has been over 14 years from the last i built i am a bit rusty. I bought below parts and i am starting to put them together1- Rampage VI Extreme2- Dual Strix 1080TI OC in SLI3- Samsung 1TB NVMe4- Delidded I9 79...

dagcan by Level 7
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