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Creative drivers

I will probably change my creative SBZ to the new AE7, but I’m concerned about how well the uninstaller for the old creative drivers works. Any suggestions on how to clean the old drivers before installing the new one? Thanks.

Rampage VI Extreme M.2 slots

Can someone give me a definitive answer as to how each of the 3 M.2 slots are wired on the RVIE? As in exactly which are CPU and PCH? It looks like the DIMM.2 has one each CPU and PCH but what about the 3rd slot down at the bottom? Is that CPU or PCH...

update BIOS doesn't work (new at this)

I have the following motherboard: ROG STRIX X299-XE GAMINGWhenever I go onto youtube or a streaming service my computer gives me the following error:I tried to update the BIOS to fix the issue with a USB flashback, but it seemed not to work and I had...

gigerm by Level 7
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AIO vs custom loop

My CPU cooler works well. It’s the EK Phoenix 360. My question is whether I can improve thermals with a custom loop. I’m thinking of EK products with a combo pump and res which is certainly more powerful than the pump in the AIO. My concern is that I...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Rampage VI XMP stability

Hi,my computer is not stable, as soon i enable xmp profile 3200mhz , games crashes, computer sometimes gets stuck when restartingI have an Asus Rampage Extreme VI board with i9 7960x with latest bios gtx 1080ti strix slicorsair hx1200ikraken x62Me...

Rampage VI Apex 1705 Bios Freezing

I have recently updated to the latest 1705 BIOS and now my machine seems to freeze randomly when running XMP settings.Prior to this, I have used 1301 and 1503 BIOS without any problems.PC Specs:-i9-7900x1080ti32GB TeamGroup Dark Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB)2 x...