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Intel XTU V6.5.2.40

If you use Intel's XTU it was just updated. Intel recommends the new version due to a security flaw. Probably supports new CPUs too. Just FYI.https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29183/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU-

Hopper64 by Level 14
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ROG R6EE dimm.2 LED

Hello, I recently installed and have been trying to figure out how to disable the red LED's in my ROG dimm.2 module, supplied with my Rampage 6 Extreme Encore motherboard. I figured with having a custom loop, using the dimm.2 module would be the bes...

andlaw by Level 10
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R6EO 9980xe and New BIOS 3006

At least since installing the week old 3006 BIOS (but maybe before that, I'm not absolutely certain it's only since 3006 but think so) with my rig Windows power setting set at Power Saver and the BIOS settings all at default (no overclocking at all) ...

Another RVIEE 6 pin EPS connector thread

I’ve just ordered one of these boards and want to be prepared for when it gets hereI typically like using all the power connectors. There is conflicting information over the 6 pin mystery connector all over the net. One thing I am sure of is it’s not...

Z370-F no Post State LEDs and no booting

Hello,I have a problem with my computer...When I will start, I have only a black screen.I have the standby power LED in red (orange) but I have no POST State LEDs like in the pictureI don't know it it's because the MB or CPU is dead? Or another reaso...

Rampage VI RGB Headers not working properly

Hello!I had all of my Thermaltake RGB fittings chained into the 12v RGB Headers on my motherboard for well over a year now without issue. Then they all of the sudden just stopped working. I changed the RGB headers to be in another plug and it didn't...

Kedhrin by Level 7
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Various Question of Asus WS X299 Pro/Se

Hello, Various Question of Asus WS X299 Pro/Se:1 - Conector U.2: The U.2 connector, according to the manual, says that it is shared with the M2.2 socket (the second unit), to this connector without putting any M2 SSD, you could connect a Mini SAS cab...

XALIAS by Level 7
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