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Rampage VI Extreme Omega NVME RAID

Guys,I'm looking forward on doing a RAID 0 with the NVMEs , which are the best options for this particular motherboard.RAID 0 = 3 x Intel 760p using the VROCOR RAID 0 2x Samsung 970 PRO Any advise will be greatly appreciated .

Ruskiz by Level 7
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Vcore and Load VGA Bios (OLED) ?

HelloCould a Vcore problem (Cascade Lake-X) cause a boot bug (POST) and indicate "Load VGA Bios" on the OLED ?Even if it is "broken", we test the Adaptive Mode (besides no worries under Windows, benchmark, games, stresstest when it boots) I do not se...

R6EO and BIOS 3006 performance falling

The BIOS of R6EO was recently updated to version 3006, but memory speeds have dropped considerably compared to version 0802, all the Settings are the same, with the exception of memory voltage, frequency, timing (18-22-22-42) and tRFC, memory second ...

Corna by Level 7
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Wake on wlan for x299 deluxe

Dear ASUS' team, I have installed win10 and QCA9008 wifi chip on the board support wake on wlan in the driver.However, it's still not function because the BIOS is not support, would you please add the selection to BIOS?

Kidd232 by Level 7
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