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The PC often gets stuck in reboot Loops

Hi,Something that began to happen in August last year is that PC gets stuck in reboot loops when (re)starting. So, it never restarts on its own, but every (re)start might mean a stressful struggle to get it going. I've posted more about it here (vid ...

R6E BIOS "forgets" LED's setting

While getting my R6E setup after swapping out to a used MB I noticed when I change the BIOS setting to turn the MB LED's to OFF when in sleep or power off, it only works once after a shutdown. Subsequent shutdowns the MB LED's (under the armor plates...

GEEKCPA by Level 7
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Fried my R6E LED's?

I just got my custom loop R6E back together, putting a new CMOS battery in it (required some splicing, soldering, and an external battery holder), replaced the two 1080Ti's with a single 3090Ti, upgraded the CPU to a 10980XE, refilled all the coolant...

GEEKCPA by Level 7
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Modded bios Rampage VI

HelloI propose this topic to group the bios modded, it will avoid the interested person to seek the link A feedback or thanks (or thanks boutton) is always nice (and I do not like leechers) Rampage VI ExtremeBios 3006 : Cascade Lake-X microcode - ...

tistou77 by Level 13
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Rampage VI Extreme Encore fan speed issue

Greetings - I just did a new build with a Ramage VI Extreme Encore and Be Quiet 802 with Be Quiet Pure Loop. Problems with getting any control over fan speed. Updated the MOB BIOS to 1004. No matter what I try (PVM/Auto) I cannot get the fan sp...

jfeiber by Level 7
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