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Best ram for r6 encore

Which ram kit should i buy?I am expecting to buy 4 kits of DOMINATOR® PLATINUM RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit - White. but the ram kit is not on the MB QVL list !!!!Does the ram kit run stably?Thanks for Help :X

n0nam3 by Level 7
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I forgot...

So funny. I couldn't find an Asus Throne Qi in the states so I picked one up at Amazon UK. I forgot the power plug is not the same.:DI'm sure there's an appropriate adapter. Suggestions? Thanks. This OK?https://www.amazon.com/VCT-VP18-Adapter-Convert...

Rampage VI Extreme Omega Fans, etc

The board is a Rampage VI Extreme Omega. On cold start the fans blast at high speed, but then on restart they then function normally. But this is every time.Here is a little history: The thing was crashing a couple weeks ago (despite reinstalling...

USB problem

I did add a throne Qi to my machine, but I had to disconnect it. Caused stability issues. Couldn’t even get into the bios. Removed it and no problem. Of the top 8 USB 3 ports on this R6EE machine I have 6 ports populated. 2 for strix flare kb, 1 for ...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Is Amazon selling open box R6EE MB as new

After exchanging the first, I have now received a second R6EE board sold by Amazon.com Services LLC in an unsealed box with no static bag around the board inside the box. Given that the successful performance of these boards with high speed memories...

rosefire by Level 7
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Stability problems with RAM or CPU

Hi Everyone!Form longer time I have big problems with my PC. It started with random suspensions. When I changed my settings for ram to XMP 3866 computer started to crash completely randomly. Sometimes twice a day sometimes ones a week. But freezes wa...

xGoldilx by Level 7
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