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High temps at low OC (7820X) on APEX

Hey guys.. I got a problem with my temps on APEX with 7820xI dont know what the problem could be.. already got a new APEX Mainboard, since I thought something is wrong with my old board.Also newest BIOS is installed.I get super high temps with low ov...

symerac by Level 7
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Overclocking ram to 4200+

I have been having "some" success getting 4200 stable on my R6A...I have been using memtest86 to check for stability, and it appears stable with tCCD set to 2 (tertiary timing). The problem with this is when I check with Aida64, my memory read bandwi...

Moloch by Level 7
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Rampage VI Apex

1) Why is the thread closed?2) What happened to the Apex drivers on the asus website?There were drivers a week ago for windows 7, I downloaded them all... but now there is only bios and QVL for anything besides Windows 10 64-bit OS

Moloch by Level 7
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Rampage VI Apex Watercooling Sensors

I am wondering if the Apex comes with the sensors to monitor your water loop, or if they are sold somewhere else. The product page does not make it clear if the Water Flow header is a 3 pin header that can accept an RPM Flow Sensor such as this alpha...

red773 by Level 7
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Rampage VI series bug report form

Use this form to report bugs. Be as complete as you can. Verify you actually have a bug before filling out the form, though. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4vhUA50Nw93yiH6B5uDlsOWoZMjz-_fUR1Kc-m0v69F5vlQ/viewform

Raja by Level 13
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Bad memory?

Just got my R6E today. No OC on the 7900X. Memory is corsair CMD32GX4M4b3600C16. I think it's Samsung b-die. No OS installed yet. Just getting used to bios. The bios locked up after changing to XMP profile for the memory. So memory was the only thing...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Memory concerns

hi Raja, Can you me a favor in the lab and as if a 32gb 4x8 CMD32 GX4M4A2800c16 Corsiar will work on the new Rampage board please? I wanted to use my 32gb DDR4 Kit form my current x99 build.Thanks,

FireRx by Level 11
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strange BIOS download (x299Deluxe)

Hi.when windos reboots, a message appears (on an attachment)a couple of seconds, and going on to download winwhat does it mean?what does it update?this is good? not trabl? )bios 0702PS/ if you go into the BIOS and exit, then there is no message. only...

Otets by Level 7
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