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Asus X299 Rampage Encore and Dimm.2 Raid 0 - Windows Bootable

Level 7

My system is:
Intel i9 10980x
Asus Rampage VI Extreme Encore
CORSAIR Force MP600 500gb X2

I would appreciate for help, I want to create raid 0 of the two ssd in dimm.2 and install windows 11 on it.

I tried everything I know, and every time I got stuck making the RAID 0 array bootable in bios.


Level 10

Here is a link to the ASUS Raid configuration guide:

Do you have a USB stick or DVD with the Raid drivers on it for the Win 11 installation?


Level 10

Its not possible to make a Hardware RAID on the DIMM.2 and boot from it. On SATA Ports its possible but only SSDs and HDDs.

On the DIMM.2 its only possible to make a Software RAID in Windows, after u have installed Windows on other Drive, but u still cant boot from it. Or u buy the VROC Key and 2 Intel drives then u can make it bootable. Good luck.

Level 7

ok thank you.

anoter thing.

i make raid 0 on m.2.1 + m.2.2 on the motherboard and get slow speed. what can be the problem?

this is the raid 0 of m.2.1+ m.2.2

ssd on m.2.1+m.2.2 raid 0.png

 this is speed of m.2.1 as single volume

ssd on m.2.1.png

 this is speed of m.2.2 as single volume

ssd on m.2.2.png

Level 7

More or less the same performance.
Shouldn't it almost double the performance in raid0?


Level 14

You'll need at least 2 Intel SSD first. VROC on X299 limited support only Intel SSD. 

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