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Asus X299 Prime Deluxe MoBo disconnected usb sticks causing windows disconnect sound

Level 7
I have an X299 Prime Deluxe motherboard. I'm running windows 11 22H2 Pro. I keep hearing the Windows 11 USB Drive Disconnect and connect sound effect over and over.

I uninstalled all the disconnected drives from the device manager that were greyed out, however, they just keep reappearing and I get a notice from my anti-virus software that the drive has connected and do I want to scan it.

To be clear, there are NO usb sticks plugged in anymore and this sound keeps going.

I've installed the latest chipset drivers from the MotherBoards Support page, but those are over two years old. If this is a driver issue, how to I find an updated driver from Intel for the chipset and drives?